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M1 problem & Exxx

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Posted · M1 problem & Exxx


with my ultimaker, i've 2 problems. I use RepG26(official ultimaker) and SKE35 or 40

First, the M1 command stop the program and don't show a window "press yes to continue", I can't finnish the extrusion.

SEcond: in my Gcode, i haven't Exxx for setup the speed of the extruder motor. I've just the feedrate.

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my poor english!!!

An exemple of code:

G21 (This is GCode, generated with Skeinforge version 35 from ReplicatorG)

G21 (Ultimaker profile - Quality print from alterations/start.gcode)

G21 (Metric: The unit is a millimeter)

M18 (Disable motors for now, to allow manual moving of the head)

G90 (Absolute positioning)

G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (set origin to current position)

G91 (Relative positioning)

G1 Z35.0 F400 (lower platform for cleaning nozzle)

G92 E0 (zero the extruded length)

G1 E260 F1000 (extrude some to get the flow going)

G1 E-20 F3000 (reverse a little)

G92 E0 (zero the extruded length)

M1 (Clean the nozzle and press YES to continue...)

G1 Z-1.0 F100 (rise platform again)

G1 Z-34.0 F400 (rise platform again)

G90 (Absolute positioning)

G1 Z0.4 (Tool slightly above the platform)

G92 Z0.4 E0 (zero the extruded length)

G21 (end of start.txt)






M140 S60.0

M141 S30.0

M142 S0.0

M113 S1.0

;M108 S176.53

M104 S220.0

M104 S218.057

G1 X-11.02 Y-0.31 Z0.3 F60.0


G1 X-11.02 Y-10.19 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X-10.98 Y-10.36 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X-10.8 Y-10.67 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X-10.52 Y-10.9 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X-10.19 Y-11.02 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X10.19 Y-11.02 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X10.36 Y-10.98 Z0.3 F3000.0

G1 X10.67 Y-10.8 Z0.3 F3000.0

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