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printing with MP flex 65 filament using UM2

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Posted · printing with MP flex 65 filament using UM2

Dear Community,

I recently tried to print with flex filament, although I knew it wan't be easy I still run in a problem that I seem not to get hold on and hope you people can advice me.

The issue is the following, after try and error I found a way to fight the warping. however the bottom isn't clean printed.

I try to print a flat piece of material with some art that is simple put on the piece like a hole.

I made a test object with an oval hole and a letter D. For adhesion I use a brim, glue and krepp-tape on top of the brim to make sure it will stick to the bed (and it does).

The problem is on the first layer, when the printer is making the outline of the figures inside the bottom the filament slips causing it to jam in the nozzle. when the first layer is completed this issues fades away.

i can tackle this to put more glue on the bed, however I do not succeed to bring this on smooth (tried to use the damp cloth but that makes the glue to thin) hence i see the glue stripes carved into the print making it a bad looking bottom surface (see picture).

the other thing is that the surface includes tracks/striped following the nozzle movement (under extrusion ?), when i print with PLA no issues at all.

my settings are for flex.:

print speed 30mm/sec (played around with speed anyway)

cooling 50%

retraction on (speed 250 mm/sec anything lower makes it even worst) and but also tried without retraction

nozzle temp 230 Celcius

bed 60 degress Celcius

flow 115 % , also tried 100% doesn't make a difference

infill 40%

does anyone have an advice for me ?

see here the picture (it shows the bottom).



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