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Question about dual extrusion

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Posted · Question about dual extrusion

I was just wondering: If I were to buy some parts and add a second nozzle onto my printer. Would the software automatically be able to account for the second nozzle? I.E. I can load filament into the second nozzle or change the temperature of the second nozzle.

Or is there a setting that I would have to change in the firmware and recompile it for it to use the second nozzle?

Is that a possibility, or is there no way for me to use the second nozzle other than through gcode sent by the slicer?

I'm just wondering because I want to add a second nozzle but I wasn't sure how/if I would be able to use it.

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Posted · Question about dual extrusion

You will need to have another firmware installed, i think that tinkergnome has a build for a dual UM2 (not sure).

For the material you will need:

1 feeder with motor

1 temp sensor

1 heater

1 head (spring, teflon, steel coupler, heat chamber)

But if you want my opinion just adding a second nozzle will probably be a lot of trouble for results that wont make you happy, but you can do it if you want

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