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Material won't flow in Ultimaker 2+

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Posted · Material won't flow in Ultimaker 2+

I have a new Ultimaker 2+, and it made 5 prints of varying complexity without a problem.

But now it won't advance material through the nozzle. The atomic method gets it through, but the automatic advance doesn't. Using the "move material" option also doesn't get it to flow - it just advances until I hear a click, click, click sound.

I've switched from .4 to .6 nozzles, and while the setup flows through just fine (atomic method), it just won't feed when making a print. The head moves but nothing - not a drop - ever comes out.


Any ideas?

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Posted · Material won't flow in Ultimaker 2+

Hello there,

using the same printer I stumbled over the same problem. The Solution was rather simple. As you might have noticed while aplying the atomic method, there are some edges in the printhead right before the noozle. These seem to stop the matialflow if the filament is not insertet correctly.

I use this method:

- Go to the advanded menu

- Select move material

- Remove the bowdentube with the filament from the print head

- Move the filament about 10cm out of the bowdentube using the controlls

- Straighten the filament and insert it, just the way you would do while applying the atomic method.

- When the material flows from the noozle use the controls to gently reverse the bowdentube into the printhead.

- As a last step reinsert the clamp holding the bowdentube and you are good to go.

Hope I could help

Greeting from Germany

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