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Help with the printer setting

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Posted · Help with the printer setting

Hi, I'm a newbie, I have couple of questions

I was wondering if Cura software can print a scale model of 8 mm in length and 2.5 mm in height?

If so what could be the setting for the software for the print to be accomplished?

If the print is to be successful, then how can I increase the height Raft or the Brim and which one would you prefer the Raft or the Brim and why?

Do I have to manually feed the desired data in the Start/End G-Code or does the software calculate these parameters once the desired scale of the model is selected?

before starting the print I have noticed that some part of the model are invisible when viewed layer by layer.... does that mean that the software is unable to capture those part and would not print? If this is so, I bring you to my previous question, What is the smallest scale at which the software can recognize the model? I tried my luck with a biplane with the length of the fuselage being 24 mm, but all the printer could do and print is a small messy ball of PLA starting 10 mm above the heatbed.

If Cura cannot give me the desired output of the scale of the model I'm aiming for, is there another alternative software which could give me the results?

I have searched the net for the online tutorial for printer setting, the software.... the entire deal in short, but most of the videos are restricted to big models... if you could provide me with any kind of link which can educate and broaden my mind about the printer... I would much appreciate

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