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Getting the Perfect Sides

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Posted · Getting the Perfect Sides

Hello, I have been printing for about 2 months now, I have an ANET A8 and use Cura.

Recently, I have been attempting to iron out all little prevalent flaws in my prints. Now I am down to my last little problem, one side of my prints always without fail has a large amount of layer gaps and separations, creating unsightly little lines and holes in my print.

Now, mind you, this is only on one side of the print. I have been struggling several days now to zero in on what it could be. The other sides of all of my prints for the most part are flawless, completely flat with no gaps in them.

This is a picture of my rig,


I print on glass, with PLA, at .2mm Layer Height.

At speeds of 35-40 mm/s the error persists, and I feel these speeds are already quite low for a ANET A8 as my research shows.

I have attempted print at a variety of temperatures, from 200 C to 220 C, still with the small gaps appearing. I have attempted to change extrusion multiplies from 100-80%.

I have tried multiple PLA plastics from my collection, no change.

I have leveled, and leveled, and leveled, and leveled my axis, and bed, for the last 5 days now, the majority of my free time has been spent doing this, as well as disassembling and reassembling the printer to ensure it is calibrated successfully.

I also recently purchased some machine oil (Singer Sewing Machine Oil) and attempted to lube everything up.

I also disassembled the extruder, tried some cold pulls, and poked some sewing needles in and out of the nozzle to ensure it was clear.

Now I am beginning to feel my nozzle is just worn somehow, despite its appearance being circular to the eye, and me having only printed with this printer for 2 months, with only PLA.

HELP, this hobby drives me insane sometimes and although I am new I know I can get better prints.


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