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UM2 Head clash with print, Gcode from Cura 2.7


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Posted · UM2 Head clash with print, Gcode from Cura 2.7


It´s the first time I post here after few months of happy time with my ultimaker.

Unfortunately yesterday I had a very bad surprise coming back from work...I found the head smashed in the print, bed plate moved out of position and fan shroud (self printed upgrade) broken.

I didn´t manage to take a picture of the print in that condition because I was too stressed and try to fix everything as soon as possible, but I can forward you the picture of the parts if necessary..

I placed the original metal shroud in place, re-calibrate the bed, cleaned everything and try to launch another print and MAGICALLY it is still working.... Before going into the root cause analysis, I can´t see any visible broken or bent parts, some vibration (small once) when printing on the far right side, and nothing clearly wrong.

Is there any check you suggest to make?

What are the parts that most commonly get damaged in case of head collision? I´m really scared something hidden can be broken or bent...

Now...why this happened???

I thought it was an hardware failure or something similar (fan get detached ecc), but we i tried to print again the same model the printer hit the part exactly at the same layer...luckily i was at home this time!!!

So i analised the gcode (generated with Cura 2.7 on Win7) and I found that at layer 32 the code is corrupted and another part of code was attached (generated with Cura 2.5.0) and made the head moving down in Z!!!

Really strange!! Only explanation I have: the file on the SD card was corrupted possibly due to wrong ejection (is it possible) or I may have overwritten an exciting file while exporting and did not overwrite correctly???

Any suggestion will be very appreciated, thanks!!




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