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Protocycler-Redetec users? Filament Makers???

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Hi All,


any Protocyclers around here?


I'm trying to make some filament with a friend's Protocycler.

But until now no succes, nothing use full.

Somebody around here, who got it up and running?

I'm desperately searching for tips, tricks and input *|.


Regards Kees



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On ‎13‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 4:18 PM, spence153 said:
hey 3d Case Im in the same boat..I got my Protocycler also but i'm having issues with getting the correct diameter 1.75mm. when I set it to Auto it would make 1.4mm and Manually was hit or miss 1.8mm to 1.4mm.. And I have email mailed them over and over and still no answer. :( Any help would be great!

Hi Spence,

don't expect much help from me. Until now same problems, way to much variation in diameter. For now my focus is on the stepper-drivers and the chain drive of the extruder, that skips a few teeth every now and then.

I would like to find a update on firmware or a standard basic script ( as they name it on the site) so you have something to start with....


Succes with the experiments ;)




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