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Change print speed dependent on height

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Posted · Change print speed dependent on height

I did some searching but likely don't know the 'key terms' to use, so my apologies if this has been asked/solved already.  Long story short, I  print on an Anet A8 and e10 where the bed moves in the y-direction.  I have gotten serviceable prints by changing speeds/etc.  Where I am running into trouble is with taller prints at a decent speed (60 mm/s).  I believe much of the problem comes from the y-axis moving back and forth with a long (tall) object on the bed.  I was wondering if Cura allows me to set the speed based on layer height.  I do slow down the speed for brim/initial layer, but I was thinking I could print ~ 80 mm/s for the first 'x' layers, and then slow down as the object gets taller.


I thank you in advance.

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Posted (edited) · Change print speed dependent on height

Hi this is exactly what i'm searching for:IMG_20200501_201419.thumb.jpg.0000552de5783aa47457d3ce2d4ffdd4.jpg


When i print a tall piece , the wobble is linked to the height , because of acceleration and deceleration of the Y axis i presume.


maybe i'm going to try to make a script , but it seems extruder speed should also change with print speed on post treatment side

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