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Arjan QiDi

1,2mm thin wall issue in Cura 3.2.1

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Posted (edited) · 1,2mm thin wall issue in Cura 3.2.1

With respect to thin walled prints, the results have never been pretty on my QIDI X-one 2. Depending on the exact shape and settings I will get someting that looks like a poor start or underextrusion  on the in- or outside of every layer


At first I thought it had to do with my retract settings and tried all kinds of distances and speeds to get it better without even the smallest succes So I accepted it for a long time and considered it one of the very few drawbacks of this small but sturdy printer. But recently, I decided to look into it again and now I found someting which suggests that NOT my printer, but Cura is the cause... 


When I make a 1,2mm thin walled cilidrical object and tell cura I want a 0,8mm wall thickness with a 0,4mm nozzle, I get 2 red lines (outer walls) and 1 green line (inner wall) in the simulator, so at first sight this looks exactly the way I want. When I run the simulator, it makes the inner wall first, immediately followed by a first outer wall. After that, I would expect it to immediately do the other outer wall, but instead it makes the nozzle make an extra full circle first without extruding anything and only then start with the last outer wall. And exactly this is causing my problem. As this is consider a extrusion of 0% flow by cura, there is no retract nor any real extrusion going on during that extra circle, so obviously, there will be some oozing which cause a poor start of the next extrusion.


So my question is: how can I fix this? How can I make Cura slice it properly? I don't want to use a single wall thinkness, since that would compromise the thicker parts in my print. I know it is in 3.2.1 and all its predecessors but have not checked if something has changed in newer versions. Does anybody know?


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