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Surface mode issues with missing parts

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Posted · Surface mode issues with missing parts

Aloha folks,

                 Im having abit of trouble with Surface modes, im loosnig out on details if i have Normal/Both set on, But if i have surface on

it keeps my detail but pretty much screws up the model like not printing Top surfaces leaving big gaps ( seen in pictures ) ive been

experimenting with settings but still alittle new to the whole thing, Basically im trying to get those Details printed out like i have

on the example model i did with surface mode set to surface, those small rails on the model do not show up on a model with Normal

or both turned on and it also feels hollow,i do have print thin walls set all the time. So if anyone could shed some light to help i can provide gcodes or even profile if needed.

Im, just trying to get prints with all those details on, Some pictures below from slicer and actual model.



Both mode slicer model view.png

Both or normal mode model vesk.jpg

norm mode Model slicer view.png

Surface mode Model slicer view.png



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