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Problem with saving generated gcoode from a newbie

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Posted · Problem with saving generated gcoode from a newbie

Hi everyone 

I have a new Ender 3 and been having issues with Cura running on Windows 10 on my Laptop.

The printer seems to run fine but every single print stops before completion if I save the gcode and use the SD card slot.
The print simply stops.
It does not do this at the same point during every print but at different points.

The printer does not display any error messages at all, the print head simply stops.

I have contacted Creality support and they have sent me several gcode's which they have generated and all worked fine so the issue does seem to be with my Cura.

I have tried various fixes including reinstalling Cura (More than once) and upgrading to the new 4.0 version  software and re formatting the SD card and also trying a new SD card (in case that was the problem) but all to no avail, the problem persists.

Whenever I slice my model and check the layers it is fine.
However if I then save the gcode and then open the gcode it is incomplete.
This happens on several different models I have used

The printer works fine if I connect it from my laptop through the USB port on the printer and use "Print via USB"  but obviously this is not ideal as it means my laptop is tied up the whole time I am printing.

Any help anyone could give on this would be Very much appreciated as it is starting to drive me crazy!


Could you please advise and assist with resolving this issue please.

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