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Who supports the support?

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Posted · Who supports the support?

The attached model (it's actually a sort of lazy-susan for jewelry boxes) has been throwing me a lot of interesting curve-balls, it was mean't to be difficult 🙂 Maybe not quite this difficult...


The one I can't seem to fix: unsupported supports that invariably droop and take down parts of the model. I can fix any given specific case by switching support pattern, and while most of them are between layers 195-198, no one pattern fixes them all.




What's worse is that one that looks like a dangling end? That's actually the *start* of a line.


Concentric produces this totally unconnected/unsupported circle; I hoped it would just fall in, but both times I tried printing it drooped into the next support in while still hot enough to buckle enough to ruin the top of the print.



Layers 196 and 197 in Grid:




image.thumb.png.4b75519eebaded3923a5ca12338dc739.png (emphasis on the disjoint ones)


"Cross" at 40% almost pulls it off, until this happens when the sheath-column tapers out:






Those inner "wings" are only a couple layers from being supported, but it's just enough that they say and buckle the top 🙂


ZigZag gets really, really, really close on some percentages, but there's always something, and sometimes its quite drastic:






Given most of these happen at the 196-197 transition, I get that it's most likely a problem with the model - but what? 🙂




Cura: 4.0.0-BETA

Ultimaker 3, PLA (Green), PVA (Natural), vanilla "Normal" config with support, w/ and w/out adaptive layers, prime tower, raft, no support interface, various support densities: support on extruder 2 (pva) and raft on either extruder.


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