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Arjan QiDi

Chiti F v3.9 compatibility issue with Cura 3.x/4.x

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Posted (edited) · Chiti F v3.9 compatibility issue with Cura 3.x/4.x

I have two printers running on a Chitu F board. Both print nicely with Cura when I use them as a single extruder. On one of them I can swap the single extruder head with a dual extruder head, but  the dual extruder seems to be incompatible with Cura 3.4, 3.6 and 4.0, because temperature and fan control is mixed up between the extruders. 


I have analysed the gcode that Cura generates, compared it with the (Cura 2.7 based) Chitu slicer (which I don't like) and I think I have found the cullprit. I only don't know how to solve it, so I hope someone here can help me with that.


The problem:

In Chitu all the M104 and M109 codes are made explicit, but in Cura they are not. When the T0 or T1 is missing, the printer will apply the setting to both extruders, instead of only the one mentioned a few lines above. A similar thing happens with the M106 code for the cooling fans. I only have one fan for both extruders, but to steer it properly it should be combined with P0 explicitely. Unfortunately, Cura does not do this when you assign fan 0 to both extruders.


Chutu g-code snip:

G0 F1920 X117.348 Y62.631
G1 F720 X117.348 Y71.802 E38.066
M104 T0 S200
G0 F1920 X50 Y25
G1 F600 E26.066
G92 E0
G92 E0
M109 T1 S200
G0 F1920 X50 Y25 Z0.3
G1 F1800 E-1.5
G0 F1920 X50 Y35
G0 X98.718 Y65.072
M104 T1 S175
G1 F1800 E0
G1 F1200 X99.031 Y64.572 E0.02943


Cure g-code snip:

G1 X198.335 Y193.549 E90.72415
G1 F1200 E74.72415
G92 E0
G92 E0
M109 S175
M104 T1 S200
G0 F2880 X198.335 Y193.949 Z0.27
G1 F1200 E13
G0 F2880 X198.335 Y203.949
G0 X191.354 Y214.263
G1 F2400 E16.02079
G1 F1800 X190.518 Y213.74 E16.06507
G1 X190.061 Y213.403 E16.09056


 I look forward to your suggestions! 


Regards, Arjan

Edited by Arjan QiDi

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