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bottom layers Layer adjustments gradient infill?

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Posted · bottom layers Layer adjustments gradient infill?

I have looked but have not found an answer for my situation. 


I am looking to make solid infill parts and have my first layer 98% perfect with almost no mounding and everything 0.2mm which is my also first layer setting in cura 4.3. now my second layer if i use multiple bottom layers will mound the infill to a thickness of 0.4mm layer measured from the bottom overall thickness is now 0.6mm. My layer thickness is 0.2mm so i have a 150% overfilling at the peaks. I was able to get around this by doing a single bottom layer and infill at 75% is close but it is still slightly mounding for the second layer through the 4th layer then at layer 5 it starts printing with open gap like 75% infill should and does for the rest of the infill. 


The esteps, nozzle diameter, filament diameter are all accounted for and setup properly. Is there a setting to adjust the bottom layer infill to compensate for over filling during the following bottom layer? Or alternative ideas for testing?



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