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Support tower generated when not needed

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Posted · Support tower generated when not needed

In all versions of Cura that I have used, through 4.4, there is an annoying issue with the support tower. If I use the "Minimum Support Area" setting to keep from using support material in unnecessary places, Cura is good enough to skip the support material, however, it continues to build the support tower up to the full height of the spot where support was skipped. I have some parts where I need support material for the first dozen layers, but then there is no more support material used, and the tower continues for another 200mm+ of height. A huge waste of time and plastic. The location where it would like to build support is a very tall cylindrical hole 3mm in diameter with a flat end to it. If I add a chamfer to the end, and then set the "Support Overhang Angle" to eliminate support, then it not only correctly skips the support material, but the support tower also ends appropriately after the first dozen or so layers. On my latest print, this error would cost me 12 hours and 20g of print material.

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