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Very strange stuttering context

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Posted · Very strange stuttering context

Hello you knowledgeable people,


As the title says it, I have a very weird context into which my printer, driven by Cura, stutters.

The setup : Linux (Gentoo), Cura 4.4.0, USB cable, Ender 3 Pro printer.


Offline printing (copy STL to SD card, move SD card to printer, print) works great.

Direct USB printing works great. Almost.


As soon as the *screen* blanks out (powersave mode, not screensaver), the printer begins to stutter. If I do anything that lights the screen (moving the mouse, hitting any key), stuttering stops instantly and the printing continues at its usual speed. Screen is HDMI-connected, if this could be useful.


Disabling the screensaver does not solve the problem.

Does anyone of you has any idea on where to look to debug (and correct) this behaviour ?



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