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Creality Ender 3 profile vs. custom

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Posted (edited) · Creality Ender 3 profile vs. custom


For some time, I've used Cura with Anet A6 with the default profile that comes with ver 4.4  (thank you, unknown creator)

Now I've got Creality Ender 3, and again, started from the bundled profiles. As I've found, those profiles  are based on the CreawsomeMod and done by the people who are frequent on this forum. Thank you too, guys.

But at the very beginning I've realized that Anet is printing approximately twice faster than Ender - both in reality and in a slicing summary.

I've started figuring out whats happening with line by line comparison of the settings. Literally, line by line with all settings visibility enabled.

For purity, I've created a custom FFF printer profile from scratch and started to fill with the same parameters as in the Ender 3 profile. One by one, apple to apple. Speed, infill, cooling, shell - all of them, thoroughly.
With Marlin keychain stl as a model (200% enlarged, to see the time difference per action more clearly).


In the end, with absolutely all settings aligned, the layer per layer comparisons were absolutely identical - even in the Feedrate view (see pictures). The only difference that can be seen in pictures is travel routes.

But in the summary all prininting times (infill, walls) are different, and not in favor of the default Ender 3 profile.
Roughly, it is 1h38m (custom FFF) vs 2h02m (Ender 3 profile, w/o any changes)  - about 25% difference with absolutely the same open parameters set and same visual slicing representation.

So, the question is, which hidden even from expert setting causing this difference and how they affect printing quality?


Screenshots and 3mf for both cases attached.



CFFFP_20140205_Marvin_KeyChain.3mf CE3_20140205_Marvin_KeyChain.3mf

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Posted · Creality Ender 3 profile vs. custom

UPD. Checked "Enable acceleration control" - in the Ender profile acc stealthly limited to 500, while in custom to 3000. Similar with jerk.

Aligning these leads to the difference of couple of minutes only, so we are almost aligned. But there should be something else, although almost insignificant.

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