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Wait for User error

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Posted · Wait for User error

For the first time in a year of using Cura with a Crealty CR20 I am getting "Wait for User" errors during printing. The print head stops and waits for me to push the button on the printer and then starts again. It does this every few minutes.  There are many threads about this on the forum. Lots of suggestions and theories.  One that caught my eye is the observation that this problem seems to emerge when there are long straight print lines in the model.  I am making a rotating tool organizer. It is the largest object I have ever printed on this printer. The top has lots of holes in it so no long lines. It printed perfectly. The base however is solid and has very long print lines and this is the situation in which I am getting the wait for user error.  So if it is long print lines causing this, the obvious solution is to make them shorter. Either create interruptions in the geometry of the base, or use a base line pattern that is not straight. 


Cura offers Top/bottom Pattern and Bottom Pattern Initial Layer as lines, concentric and zigzag.  It is set to lines in these prints. When I try concentric and zig zag as selections in Cura and slice the model there does not seem to be any difference shown in the Preview window of the print from that with lines.  The print times all stay the same. Concentric offers a line in which you can enter numbers for polygons, and zig zag has that line for entering integers. I don't know how to use those features or what they do. 


So would Concentric or Zigzag create shorter line lengths in the base of the print?  Which one would be the best to use? Or should I just add a few holes in the base to interrupt the long print lines?




IMG_3433.thumb.JPG.899bd0e22f17a56649c3e40b8300e741.JPG           IMG_3436.thumb.JPG.889fbc46495ec75da92c7c9efce32038.JPG







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