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Create printer definition failed

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Posted · Create printer definition failed



I try to create a printerdefinition, but somethin seems to be not correct.

The log says:

2020-03-22 20:07:18,375 - INFO - [MainThread] cura.Settings.MachineManager.addMachine [342]: Trying to add a machine with the definition id [tronxy_xy2_pro]
2020-03-22 20:07:18,419 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [98]: Exception: Error when loading container tronxy_xy2_pro: Definition uses version 2 but expected version 2
2020-03-22 20:07:18,424 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]: Traceback (most recent call last):
2020-03-22 20:07:18,428 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "X:\4.5-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Settings\ContainerRegistry.py", line 183, in findContainers
2020-03-22 20:07:18,433 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.5\plugins\LocalContainerProvider\LocalContainerProvider.py", line 68, in loadContainer
2020-03-22 20:07:18,438 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:     container.deserialize(f.read(), file_path)
2020-03-22 20:07:18,442 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "X:\4.5-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Settings\DefinitionContainer.py", line 292, in deserialize
2020-03-22 20:07:18,446 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "X:\4.5-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Settings\DefinitionContainer.py", line 243, in readAndValidateSerialized
2020-03-22 20:07:18,450 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "X:\4.5-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Settings\DefinitionContainer.py", line 397, in _resolveInheritance
2020-03-22 20:07:18,456 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]:   File "X:\4.5-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Settings\DefinitionContainer.py", line 409, in _verifyJson
2020-03-22 20:07:18,460 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [102]: UM.Settings.DefinitionContainer.IncorrectDefinitionVersionError: Definition uses version 2 but expected version 2
2020-03-22 20:07:18,467 - WARNING - [MainThread] cura.Settings.CuraStackBuilder.createMachine [36]: Definition tronxy_xy2_pro was not found!
2020-03-22 20:07:18,473 - WARNING - [MainThread] cura.Settings.MachineManager.addMachine [355]: Failed creating a new machine!



Any Ideas whats wrong here?

The definitions can't be attached :(






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Posted · Create printer definition failed

Ok, found it. Specified Version as a string in a file in inherit.


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