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Cura 4.5 raft max size bug

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Posted · Cura 4.5 raft max size bug

I have a model that prints vertically,  it maximum size at any point is about 295 mm wide(X) ,  375mm high(Z) and 190mm, deep (Y), however contact at the build plate is quite small around 70mmx15mm, so needs a large raft to support it as it grows,  of course there is heaps of room for a larger raft with such a small contact area,   but  the max size that Cura 4.5 allows 20mm extra margin which is quite small around 100mmx40mm  as it is basing max size for raft on model max X/Y instead of contact area max X/Y.  See photo attached of just how much larger the raft could have been.   At minimum a max size raft override option is needed, unless there is something I am missing or do not know.

Raft Size.jpg

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