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Ultimaker 3 giving ER16 and ER18

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Posted · Ultimaker 3 giving ER16 and ER18

I have been enjoying using my Ultimaker 3 now for over 3 years without much issue, however over the weekend it started suddenly acting up when after a routine print I got an ER16, Z-Switch stuck error. I tried the print a time after that and again the same error, i cleaned the printer completely no debris or anything in there.


Today I thought let me give it another try and this time I got ER18, communication error to print head. I looked at the print board to make sure all cables are still secure and all is looking dandy, the z-switch also looking great still.


I am really wondering what is wrong with the printer, is the logic board dying here? Or could it be the power supply?


The printer has been in good use over the last three years, but not heavy daily, so bit strange what this could be, anyone any clues?

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