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Old wanhao D4S and last Ultimaker Cura

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Posted (edited) · Old wanhao D4S and last Ultimaker Cura

Hi, my name is Diego and I am from Spain. I get from ebay a Wanhao D4S dual extruder and i am not able to set properly with the last version of ultimaker cura slicer. I know than ultimaker has a profile for D4S but when get the gcode and use replicator G to get x3g file, the printer do crazy things. I have search google groups for information but it is very old so i can not use anything from there. Could anyone support, guide me or something to start using my printer?

 I have the stock firmware as well and the printer has 130 hours in total as bot stadistics shows. 
I have also tried GPX as it is recommended in the google groups info (in 2015...) with the same result. 
Thanks in advance because i am stuck for weeks...
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