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First couple layer issues...

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Posted · First couple layer issues...


i find myself having cura issues and I’m not sure what I did, but my issue has just recently started and could use some guidance to fix.


I have turned off all supports and things like rafts or brims. When I print the first couple layers act like a “raft”. They will separate after the print is done. The last print pulled right off showing the triangle infill. It’s like the first couple layers are only barely sticking to the infill. Sometimes it only partially separates. The rest of the print is fine. I’m using a 0.2 layer height. This happens with different pla or petg filament. I have the fan turn on during the 2nd layer. I have no issues with the part sticking to the print bed.


pla is set for 205c, 60c

petg is set for 245c , 70c

 Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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