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Help with multi-colour print please

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Posted (edited) · Help with multi-colour print please



I'm attempting to do a multi-colour print with a CR-10 (single extruder). The first part has 4 holes with angled sides such that the nozzle can fit down into the bottom of the hole. The second part (blue) is supposed to fill these holes with a different colour.




I have merged the 2 files together in Cura to align them and then disabled the "automatically drop models to the build plate" option and unmerged the parts. This lets me delete the second part in order to print the first part, then delete the first part and print the second one.


The problem is that cura still drops the parts down to the build plate when it slices. I'd like it to print midair, since it will be supported by the first print.




Is there a setting that can change this? Or possibly another way to accomplish this?


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