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Feature requests: Better profile management + others

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Posted · Feature requests: Better profile management + others

I've found myself having to leave Cura behind as profiles get rather clunky on it.

I regularly print with 8 different nozzles. Different diameters, different materials. Each of which requires slightly different filament settings, print settings, speeds, acceleration, etc.

Multiply 8 nozzles across PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, HIPS, ASA, PC, Nylon. For all the different layer heights. The thing turns into an unmanageable mess very quickly.

What I'd like to see are discrete setting volumes for each nozzle. I.e. 0.8mm hardened steel nozzle nozzle, brand A ABS, 1.01 extrusion multiplier, 255c, pressure advance 0.018. etc etc. Then when I change to a different nozzle, hide all the other extraneous profiles I have set up for others.

I'd also like to see some discrete separation for filament profiles from machine settings, where items like cooling, which are filament and nozzle specific, are tied to filament profiles that I have tied to a nozzle instead of being machine specific.

Also; some sort of speed limitation based on volumetric flow rate would be fantastic. PETG doesn't melt as quickly as PLA does, and being able to easily cap speed based on volume when changing layer heights would be immensely useful. Same situation goes for working with larger nozzles where there's a pretty major disparity between using a 0.8 nozzle at 0.2 layer height, vs 0.6 layer height.

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