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need advice/help please

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Posted (edited) · need advice/help please

This is my first post so if i got thing in the wrong place the sorry in advance. I been using cura for about 2 years and wouldnt use anything else untill 2-3 month ago as all of a sudden after a cura update cura would slice perfect no problems shown but when it came to printing my model or litho it would start to move as if the print bed had been moved whilst printing leaving horizontal steps every 10mm or so move over to prusa slicer done the same print and no such problem. Yesterday needed to print a big 27hr litho and slicer just froze on me so reverted back to cura 4.6 and all was fine after 3 hrs so left it and went to bed woke up this morning and there they were 3 steps in the print about 5-6 mm apart like i said its like the print moves 2mm back and starts printing again. any help would be great as would need to use cura for these big 115million triangle prints as slicer cant handle it by the looks of it.


many thanks 



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