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SkeinPyPy Time for a name change?

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My SkeinPyPy project grew into something larger then I imagined when I started it. It just started out as a speedup of Skeinforge with PyPy. But now, it's a whole new GUI, a bunch of tweaks, firmware updater, first run wizard.

It has grown beyond it's Skeinforge roots. And the goal has shifted from "Making Skeinforge faster and a bit more userfriendly" to "Making the whole 3D printing experience more user friendly". It's not done, but it's improving almost every day, the "printer interface" GUI starts to take shape in my head. So that might be added soon.

If you compare the development version to the Beta4 you already will notice a bunch of changes. Including the ability to switch between GCode and Model view. And easier to use "model" tools, no longer hidden in a tab (which always was a temp solution), or how about the "model errors shown after slicing" feature?

With the advert of new features, and some ideas I still have planned but not implemented or even announced. I was thinking. SkeinPyPy is a bad name. If I add "Slic3r" support it still has the smell of Skeinforge behind it. Which is bad, as Skeinforge is associated with "slow, hard to use, zero feedback", which is everything SkeinPyPy is not. (well, except for the "Slow" part, but still faster then Skeinforge)

So, I'm looking for a new and better name for SkeinPyPy. And I'm terrible at names. I don't want anything "Ulti-*". I'm looking for something flashy, something unique, and something which can be pronounced without hurting your tongue.

(I know renaming a project is not always the best action, but that's why I rather do it now, the earlier the better)

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should i be reading and posting on the google group and not here ?

is the google group better than this forum ?


It's different. So far the forum is a lot of support questions, people seeking help. And the groups are more discussions about improvements. The groups seem a bit more active. But I find the forums easier to search in case you are looking for something.

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