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Small Cura request and feature improvement

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Posted · Small Cura request and feature improvement


here is one small request for the next Cura Mac version. The fastest way to load a model into Cura is to drag it from the desktop over the Cura icon. Would it be possible to also be able to also drag a model over the Cura window? Some mac tools also support this idiom and I almost always trip over it because I can't instinctively remember if Cura supports it or not. Not a big issue, just some small UX love.

Daid, I have also an idea about the advanced setting "Infill speed (mm/s)". You write in the Cura manual that one can expect loss of quality of the outer shells because of pressure changes in the nozzle. But I think you could avoid it when infill speed is higher than printing speed. Since you know when infill will end for the actual layer, you could slow down and return to normal print speed _right before_ infil is finished. So the loss of quality due to nozzle pressure is contained in the (for the user invisible) infill area.

If this improvement is feasible, it would definitely help reduce printing time and benefit many users.


Gcode comments with print settings? They were pretty useful.


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