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Posted · EUREKA !

just finished my first 100% success print!

it is the classic 20mm cube (replicatorg calibration model) and here all newbies can find the correct workflow for netfabb (Please correct this in every aspect if you wish, I could have missed or misplaced something...):

before using netfabb:

1) check if your arduino board is installed or download the driver (they are also in the replicatorg forlder) and install the usbserial driver (this will make appear a COM3...your arduino board)

2)download replicatorg and install the latest marlin firmware (v3)

3)now ou can use netfabb 4.9

to print:

1) create or download an object

2) load it in netfabb

3) check if all is correct and in case repair it with the standard repair routine of netfabb

4) in the USBcontrol section connect the ultimaker. if something is wrong check in the machine section...ultilmaker...the correct comport and baud rate (I use 115200)

5)when you're connected go to the usbcontrol and in the subsection ACTION click the move to home. this will move the head to the home position 0,0,0 (be sure to check and doublecheck our UM endcourse switches)

6)in the USB control section-EXTRUDER set a temperature to preheat your head (I mean your extruder-head...) I use 185-200

7)if this is the first UM power-on you can enjoy and check the movement by using the MOVEMENT subsection in the USBcontrol panel. try the movement all around several times and check the switches. after that reclick the MOVE to HOME in the action subsection (step 5)

8)in the print section set the object at the center (little button on the right of the right panel)

9) chose the raft type if you want, after several attempts I use the pillar raft because it gives a good sticky base for the object and stitch good on the blue tape

10)if you have a filled solid set the distance for the inside filling (more distance, less filling)

11)check the 'keep objects on platformì checkbox !

12)click calculate toolpath and enjoy the speed of netfabb...you are sliceing it with netfabb selecting the right (for you) build style and material style (understand these two items is a core business for a 3d printer I guess, but you can use the pre-defined items and go further)

13)in the toolpath section you can save the gcode or print it. I use to save it with a name containing the build settings, layer depth, material (pla)...

14)in the USB control you can check the extruder temperature

15) time to print ! click on print and start praying. I made 5-6 attempts before having a full success (nothing more than a cube but clean and square...)

16) before printing you can check also the time to print and the evalueted PLA consumption and print volume...I don't think the latest two are ralistic anyway

3days of effort and alot of reading, writing and emailing but maybe I'm on the right path now...

for sure I will try CURA and printrun in the future but netfabb seems capable of a very good job!


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Posted · EUREKA !

congradulations !!

can you please post photos of your results. it is easy to attach a fast photo to your forum tread.

best wishes.

Ian :D

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