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are there any updated docs on using 4.9?

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I've been looking but can't find any updated documentation on either the ultimaker site or netfabb on exactly what is required to make a good print?

With someone who is getting good results please let me know

1. what firmware you are using

2. what calibration steps are required within netfabb

3. what steps are taken within netfabb to print (i've been doing create toolpath -> print which seems to work but is there any other tweaking that is recommended?)



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Hi Reza,

I don't know if you have found answers for your questions but here's a response ;-)

As far as I know, the documentation can be found on the Netfabb wiki,


. It's not up to date as we speak and no up to date 4.9 manual is available.

I used the Florian's introduction to Netfabb to get myself underway. It is available on the Ultimaker wiki,

http://wiki.ultimaker.com/NetFabb_Setup ... troduction

This information is also not up-to-date as we speak.

IMPORTANT things you should know:

Don't calibrate things yourself. Paul and Florian already did this resulting in the print profiles

Match material with build style. i.e. select PLA - Standard material setting with Standard, HOLLOW for example.

Never print rafts!

Start without printing support structures. It takes some experience

Get you platform level (pretty hard to do this correctly though! Spend some love with the platform and it will help getting nice first layers)

I feel pretty happy with the results with Netfabb and particularly with printing Netfabb gcode through RepG26 and Marlin Build 2 firmware. I'm testing newer firmware (Erik's build) and the Netfabb connection today. It turns out to work properly so far. Main problem I have is an unstable temperature causing my prints to stop. This is probably sensor related (loose wire somewhere so I'll need to replace it) AND NOT Ultimaker connection, firmware of software related. The no firmware or software able to compensate for a bad sensor ;-)

To make other people happy and improving their print results with Netfabb I thought of making a video on my settings and the things I've done to get some nice prints. I hope to do that tommorrow but it takes a lot of time...

If you just want to get the Ultimaker going and printing nice stuff, my advice would be (as of 20 april 2012)

Firmware: Marlin build 2 (available through Replicator G)

Software for sending gcode: Replicator G 26 (for either Windows and Mac)

Software for slicing: Netfabb Studio 4.9 ( for either Windows and Mac)

These things may change within a few days though. I would NOT recommend to go with the latest firmwares yet and the latest Replicator G version seems to be fine but you might encounter a few bugs.

Please notice it's just an advice! If you can get your machine to work with other firmwares and gcode senders please feel free to add it here!

Happy printing,


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