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Posted · Print issue

Ok this is something which has been bugging me for a while, on the attached photo you can see the marks on the side wall

of these parts, with the black the marks are pretty much the same, so its not the pla.

I don't think its Cura RC2 ? but i am sure a expert might be able to pin point the possible cause. Even if i print a lot slower

and a lower temp ie 195C @ 60ms i still get these marks.

Good thing with Cura RC2 is that it save's the setting you used for each print which is handy.

Anyway photo and profile used to print these parts below.



filament_diameter = 2.85

nozzle_size = 0.4

machine_center_x = 100

machine_center_y = 100

wall_thickness = 0.4

flip_x = False

flip_y = False

flip_z = False

swap_xz = False

swap_yz = False

model_scale = 1

model_rotate_base = 0

layer_height = 0.1

solid_layer_thickness = 0.8

fill_density = 50

skirt_line_count = 1

skirt_gap = 6.0

print_speed = 100

print_temperature = 220

support = None

enable_raft = False

filament_density = 1.00

retraction_min_travel = 5.0

retraction_speed = 13.5

retraction_amount = 0.0

retraction_extra = 0.0

travel_speed = 150

max_z_speed = 1.0

bottom_layer_speed = 40

cool_min_layer_time = 4

fan_enabled = True

bottom_thickness = 0.0

enable_skin = False

model_multiply_x = 1

model_multiply_y = 1

extra_base_wall_thickness = 0.0

cool_min_feedrate = 5

fan_layer = 0

fan_speed = 100

raft_margin = 5

raft_base_material_amount = 100

raft_interface_material_amount = 100

support_rate = 40

support_distance = 0.5

infill_type = Grid Hexagonal

solid_top = True

fill_overlap = 20

bridge_speed = 100

bridge_material_amount = 100

sequence = Perimeter > Loops > Infill

force_first_layer_sequence = True

joris = False


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    Posted · Print issue

    The above print is already at 220 so i don't think its the temp, i have noticed that on the otherside both

    prints are nice and smooth, just wonder if its how its sliced ?.

    I do have the fill overlap at 20 rather than 15 but this has not made any noticeable difference.

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    Posted · Print issue

    Maybe your filament is slightly slipping, the print I'm currently doing also has a spot like that, but that's being printed with with flexible PLA.

    I slowed the print down a bit and that solved the issue for me.

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    Posted · Print issue

    Hi Daid i might of found a little bug in Cura RC2.

    What i have found if i have "Enable skin" selected and also have the part rotated using Rot and a figure, after the 1st or 2nd layer the whole print will move to the left by about 10mm/15mm and carry on printing as normal.

    Noticed this when i took a print off and it was warped on the left side only, noticed you could still see a slight outline on the blue tape which was 1 or 2 layers deep at 0.1mm. The right hand side still had all layers under it so did not warp.

    Happend a few times until i realised it was the enable skin command seemed to cause it, just did a print with enable skin unticked and printed fine.

    If you need any gcode etc let me know.

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    Posted · Print issue

    Are you sure you're not just having layer shifts due to mechanical problems? Because what you say should be impossible, however, if you can upload the GCode file somewhere, then I can take a look to be sure it's not the GCode.

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    Posted · Print issue

    Yep pretty sure its not mechanical as when i unclick enable skin and re create the same code its fine.

    Let me know where you want the Gcode, and i can send it across.

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    Posted · Print issue

    Just put the GCode on pastebin, that would be the easiest:



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    Posted · Print issue

    Just posted the code link http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=9KJ0eyKh to download.

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