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Total cost after shipping,taxes, and fees?

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Posted · Total cost after shipping,taxes, and fees?

I've been doing a lot of research on 3D printers for the past month or so and I think I'm pretty set on getting an Ultimaker 2, but there's still questions that I'd like to be answered before I jump right into purchasing it. I did email Ultimakers support about these questions, but I have not received any replies yet.

I'm trying to figure out the total cost of the Ultimaker 2 (product, shipping, taxes, fees, etc.) since it is a pretty big purchase for me. I've seen a few post on the subject and they did shed some light on a few things, but these were posted before September (Ultimaker announced launching in North America and since I live in Massachusetts I'm assuming that affects me).

I did a "fake" purchase of an Ultimaker to see what would come up as the cost but it only showed the the product cost + shipping which came out to be around €1,925 (€1,895 + €30 shipping I think). That's about $2,400, but again I don't know how a purchase like this works when it comes to taxes and fees.

Basically I'm trying to figure out this:

- What is the total cost of Ultimaker from official website?

- Is US tax or import fees added after this?

- Is it shipped overseas if ordered from the official website or is it only purchased through them and then shipped from US partners?

- Is it cheaper to buy through US partners?

- Does the Ultimaker come with any PLA/ABS or only with what you purchase?

In my head is seems right to purchase through the official site since it seems cheaper. I heard it takes longer (If it is shipped overseas rather than through the US partners), but I wouldn't mind the wait honestly.

Also, I plan on purchasing (hopefully) by the end of November. Is Black Friday/Cyber Monday something that happens in the Netherlands? Just curious to know if I should be looking out for any deals on the official website/US partner site.

Thanks to anyone that can help me. Sorry for the long explanation, hope it all makes sense. I've been lurking this forum for two week or so and I've seen some really great things come out of it. I'm looking forward to joining and contributing in the coming months.

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Posted · Total cost after shipping,taxes, and fees?

Since no one seems to have anything to say I'll share what I did. I decided to buy from one of the official resellers (Dynamism) and it came out to be exactly $2499 total with free shipping, no taxes, and no fees. It shipped next day and will be here tomorrow. I chose Dynamism since it appeared they had a longer warranty, but I was told Ultimaker is planning on making their default warranty longer aswell.

So far I think I made the right decision.


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