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Ultimaker 2 Extruder Clicking

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I understand this topic has been covered multiple times before, but I can't find a good solution. I just got an Ultimaker 2 a few days ago and the extruder will not stop clicking. It doesn't really effect the prints unless I try to print on the "fast" preset. However, when the machine goes to it's dump zone and dumps the extruder skips a lot while making some pretty bad noises. I have tried to play with the tensioner on the back but no setting seems to work. I have tried it all the way loose (white peg up) and half way tight (white peg middle). I pushed some filament through the nozzle and it was clear of jams along with the bowden tube.

Any ideas would be great! Despite the extruder problems I have been very happy with the Ultimaker.


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Hi and welcome in the community!

The extruder clicking is a security to prevent damage to the stepper motor. It happens when you try to feed more filament than it can handle.

Typical reasons are:


  • partially clogged nozzle but you ruled that out.
  • Temperature too low, what temp are you using?
  • Filament too wide, what is the brand of filament?
  • Bed too close if it only happens on the first layer


There are other reasons possible but these are the most common

Could you give us your printing parameters?

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Thanks for the quick response!

It really only clicks when I slice with the default "fast" print setting in Cura.  I have a feeling the machine is just trying to push too much filament at once. If I run the machine on normal or high settings it prints fine. Right now I have my tensioner sitting right in the middle. Is the default "fast" setting just too much for the machine or do I have to make some adjustments.

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