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Extruder motor won't stop ''idle hold'' during the print.

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Posted · Extruder motor won't stop ''idle hold'' during the print.

I am working on a new project. Making a plasma cutter that works on cura. Now the only problem i still have is that the motor won't stop idle hold during the ''print'' cut. I checked this and it is not a firmware problem but the problem is in de g-code generator. This is the g code cura produce if i have two cirkels of 2 cm diameter. As you can see from the beginning untill the end, E is constantly called even if it doesnt need to extrude. I have the retract settings disabled, skirt is disabled, infill is disabled, no fix horrible and at black magic only mesh surface is enabled. If i manually delete all the E codes that are not needed everything works fine. Sorry for the bad english.

;Sliced at: Sat 09-05-2015 12:27:41

;Basic settings: Layer height: 1 Walls: 0.5 Fill: 0

;Print time: 0 minutes

;Filament used: 0.079m 0.0g

;Filament cost: None

;M190 S70 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line

;M109 S0 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

G21 ;metric values

G90 ;absolute positioning

M82 ;set extruder to absolute mode

M107 ;start with the fan off

G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops

G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops

G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length

G1 F200 E1 ;extrude 1mm of air

G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again

G1 F1200

;Put printing message on LCD screen

M117 cutting...

;Layer count: 1


M106 S255

G0 F1200 X365.421 Y88.435 Z1.000


G1 F600 X365.265 Y89.306 E0.56332

G1 X365.187 Y90.187 E1.12638

G1 X365.187 Y91.072 E1.68978

G1 X365.265 Y91.953 E2.25284

G1 X365.421 Y92.824 E2.81616

G1 X365.653 Y93.678 E3.37954

G1 X365.960 Y94.508 E3.94292

G1 X366.338 Y95.307 E4.50563

G1 X366.786 Y96.070 E5.06891

G1 X367.300 Y96.790 E5.63209

G1 X367.875 Y97.462 E6.19514

G1 X368.508 Y98.081 E6.75877

G1 X369.192 Y98.641 E7.32154

G1 X369.924 Y99.139 E7.88517

G1 X370.696 Y99.570 E8.44804

G1 X371.504 Y99.931 E9.01144

G1 X372.340 Y100.219 E9.57435

G1 X373.199 Y100.432 E10.13776

G1 X374.073 Y100.569 E10.70096

G1 X374.956 Y100.627 E11.26431

G1 X375.840 Y100.608 E11.82721

G1 X376.720 Y100.510 E12.39090

G1 X377.587 Y100.335 E12.95398

G1 X378.435 Y100.084 E13.51699

G1 X379.258 Y99.759 E14.08030

G1 X380.049 Y99.363 E14.64344

G1 X380.802 Y98.898 E15.20686

G1 X381.510 Y98.369 E15.76950

G1 X382.170 Y97.779 E16.33308

G1 X382.774 Y97.133 E16.89610

G1 X383.319 Y96.436 E17.45936

G1 X383.800 Y95.694 E18.02230

G1 X384.214 Y94.912 E18.58560

G1 X384.557 Y94.096 E19.14911

G1 X384.827 Y93.254 E19.71203

G1 X385.021 Y92.390 E20.27577

G1 X385.138 Y91.514 E20.83840

G1 X385.177 Y90.630 E21.40172

G1 X385.138 Y89.746 E21.96504

G1 X385.021 Y88.869 E22.52830

G1 X384.827 Y88.006 E23.09141

G1 X384.557 Y87.163 E23.65494

G1 X384.214 Y86.348 E24.21786

G1 X383.800 Y85.566 E24.78116

G1 X383.319 Y84.824 E25.34410

G1 X382.774 Y84.127 E25.90737

G1 X382.170 Y83.481 E26.47038

G1 X381.510 Y82.891 E27.03396

G1 X380.802 Y82.361 E27.59699

G1 X380.049 Y81.897 E28.16006

G1 X379.258 Y81.500 E28.72350

G1 X378.435 Y81.175 E29.28681

G1 X377.587 Y80.924 E29.84981

G1 X376.720 Y80.749 E30.41289

G1 X375.840 Y80.652 E30.97651

G1 X374.956 Y80.632 E31.53943

G1 X374.073 Y80.691 E32.10282

G1 X373.199 Y80.827 E32.66592

G1 X372.340 Y81.041 E33.22949

G1 X371.504 Y81.329 E33.79240

G1 X370.696 Y81.690 E34.35579

G1 X369.924 Y82.121 E34.91867

G1 X369.192 Y82.618 E35.48194

G1 X368.508 Y83.179 E36.04511

G1 X367.875 Y83.797 E36.60830

G1 X367.300 Y84.469 E37.17134

G1 X366.786 Y85.190 E37.73504

G1 X366.338 Y85.952 E38.29778

G1 X365.960 Y86.752 E38.86106

G1 X365.653 Y87.582 E39.42444

G1 X365.421 Y88.435 E39.98721

G0 F1200 X521.568 Y105.528

G1 F600 X521.489 Y106.409 E40.55032

G1 X521.489 Y107.294 E41.11373

G1 X521.568 Y108.175 E41.67684

G1 X521.723 Y109.046 E42.24005

G1 X521.956 Y109.899 E42.80298

G1 X522.262 Y110.729 E43.36614

G1 X522.641 Y111.529 E43.92970

G1 X523.089 Y112.291 E44.49243

G1 X523.603 Y113.012 E45.05613

G1 X524.178 Y113.684 E45.61918

G1 X524.810 Y114.302 E46.18191

G1 X525.495 Y114.863 E46.74558

G1 X526.226 Y115.360 E47.30832

G1 X526.999 Y115.791 E47.87175

G1 X527.807 Y116.152 E48.43514

G1 X528.643 Y116.440 E48.99805

G1 X529.502 Y116.654 E49.56162

G1 X530.376 Y116.790 E50.12473

G1 X531.258 Y116.849 E50.68748

G1 X532.143 Y116.829 E51.25103

G1 X533.022 Y116.732 E51.81402

G1 X533.889 Y116.557 E52.37710

G1 X534.738 Y116.306 E52.94071

G1 X535.561 Y115.981 E53.50402

G1 X536.351 Y115.584 E54.06689

G1 X537.104 Y115.120 E54.62997

G1 X537.813 Y114.590 E55.19350

G1 X538.472 Y114.000 E55.75661

G1 X539.077 Y113.354 E56.32006

G1 X539.622 Y112.657 E56.88332

G1 X540.103 Y111.915 E57.44627

G1 X540.517 Y111.133 E58.00956

G1 X540.860 Y110.318 E58.57249

G1 X541.129 Y109.475 E59.13582

G1 X541.323 Y108.612 E59.69893

G1 X541.441 Y107.735 E60.26228

G1 X541.480 Y106.851 E60.82560

G1 X541.441 Y105.967 E61.38892

G1 X541.323 Y105.090 E61.95226

G1 X541.129 Y104.227 E62.51538

G1 X540.860 Y103.385 E63.07810

G1 X540.517 Y102.569 E63.64161

G1 X540.103 Y101.787 E64.20491

G1 X539.622 Y101.045 E64.76785

G1 X539.077 Y100.348 E65.33112

G1 X538.472 Y99.702 E65.89457

G1 X537.813 Y99.112 E66.45767

G1 X537.104 Y98.583 E67.02083

G1 X536.351 Y98.118 E67.58424

G1 X535.561 Y97.722 E68.14682

G1 X534.738 Y97.397 E68.71013

G1 X533.889 Y97.146 E69.27374

G1 X533.022 Y96.971 E69.83683

G1 X532.143 Y96.873 E70.39988

G1 X531.258 Y96.854 E70.96342

G1 X530.376 Y96.912 E71.52613

G1 X529.502 Y97.049 E72.08933

G1 X528.643 Y97.262 E72.65275

G1 X527.807 Y97.550 E73.21566

G1 X526.999 Y97.911 E73.77905

G1 X526.226 Y98.342 E74.34248

G1 X525.495 Y98.840 E74.90558

G1 X524.810 Y99.400 E75.46885

G1 X524.178 Y100.019 E76.03203

G1 X523.603 Y100.691 E76.59507

G1 X523.089 Y101.411 E77.15825

G1 X522.641 Y102.174 E77.72153

G1 X522.262 Y102.973 E78.28452

G1 X521.956 Y103.803 E78.84768

G1 X521.723 Y104.657 E79.41122

G1 X521.568 Y105.528 E79.97443


G0 F1200 X521.568 Y105.528 Z6.000

G91 ;relative positioning

G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops, so the head is out of the way


G90 ;absolute positioning


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