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  1. I wonder if spirit level tis precise enough to measure such small (<0.1mm over 200mm) variations. And it will work if X-Y plane of hot end movement is perfectly horizontal which might not be the case due to several reasons. Anyway I haven't tried this trick and I will give it a try. That surely is precise but it takes a long time. One issue is that nozzle must be clear and this means it must be cold to prevent dripping. Somebody mentinoned here that while hot the hot end expands slightly. That will influence Z homing settings set with foil trick (but not the levelling itself). I do
  2. Here is an interesting approach to bed levelling http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16138. Obviously it works with movable platform and stationary hot end. I need to re-level my bed quite often and the routine takes relatively long time. I wonder if similar laser system can be used with UM to make it easer/quicker. Any ideas?
  3. That is very true - with bigger building platform AND more mass on it you will need more Z shafts to keep it strictly horizontal. I imagine that having 2 or more Z shafts would requie belt(s) to connect them (just like X/Y shafts are connected now). While increasing envelope size at some point it might be more feasible to vertically move the whole extruder X/Y system with 3 motors, shafts and everything rather than building platform. That's what those guys did: http://lebigrep.org/ But that would require a major redesign. I wonder how long would it take to extrude 1kg of plastic. Weeks? A
  4. 3d systems is buying other companies as if they were donuts lately http://fabbaloo.com/blog/tag/3d-systems The other major (plastic) 3d printing companies competing are Object, Stratsys and Eos but I believe they are much smaller than 3d systems now. What worries me is that you can't really see much of a drop in prices for commercial 3d printing technologies over past years. In fact prices even increased last year. And monopolies don't help here.
  5. I'm looking to replace my bowden tube. I have one of the older heads and despite all efforts every 20 hours of printing at 200mm/s bowden tube is poping out. I suspect that the blue-white thingy has weared by now and I plan to replace it by custom solution. In the meantime constant cutting of few milimeters off the tube left it almost too short. I would like to buy replacement before it really is too short to work. Do you know any place (preferably in Europe) that sells low quantities of PTFE tubing? There is no problem to buy 10 meters of it but I can't find anybody who could sell, say, 1
  6. One of my short belts has signs of wearing on edges. As Daid said it was caused by pulleys - just a few hours of printing with unaligned pulleys left visible marks.
  7. Agreed - that's why google group is still alive. But I think in the long run forum is better solution for topic organization and readibility. The best of both world would be if forum subscription feature send full post text instaed of just post notifications. A simple forum plugin can do the trick.
  8. Hi Makerswamp, Sometimes cleaning stringing residures takes longer than printing itself. I use Paul&Florian's (great) settings with small changes. And those settings have all antioozing parameters in material definitions/jumps section zeroed. Sure low temp settings decreases ooze but doesn't eliminate it. It would be great to see this updated and have ooze-free printouts. As to the problem you described I assume you play with push-on speed, pull-back speed and travel RPM settings. And push-on does not extrude enough material after the jump. Right? Netfabb's very laconic manual here ht
  9. Some time ago I started to learn Blender to modify/create printable objects. It took a day or so to adjust to strange interface but after that I am pretty happy with what I can do. At the same time I feel I use 10% of it's features so my experirnce is limited.
  10. My wife can't sleep if UM works next room (one door in between). But if I move UM so that there are 2 doors between UM and sleeping room you can't really hear anything even during quitet of the night and with UM working at 250% of nominal speed. I doubt if neighbors will ever notice the machie unless it falls down from my desk
  11. It needed some postprocessing but I finally made it :-) http://www.thingiverse.com/derivative:15681
  12. Does anybody have successful ABS profiles? I haven't tried anything yet, but I'm running out of PLA for the moment and have a lot of ABS to play with. Is it possible to just use one of PLA profiles and just increase temperature? If so how much more temperature could be fine?
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