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  1. Hello all, I assembled my board. Here is a photo. Next step : Some tests to check everything is OK. I'll keep you posted. ++ Gaël
  2. Hi Martin, As soon as I have some tests done that show the board is working properly, I'll share. For Jonny : You are right. My board is based on a Mosfet.... ++ Gaël
  3. Hi Drayson, I recently bought the Jason Wu's kit. (Very efficient service, by the way!) I quickly decided that I should find a nicer replacement for the relay board. I designed a small board to easily link the UM1 electronics to the Heated bed. It's 100% solid state. No relay! And for the peace of mind, it's optocoupled so there is no electrical link between the Ultimaker electronics and the Heated bed power supply. I just received the PCBs and I'll quickly assemble a couple of them... If some of you find this interesting, I can share more information on this... ++ Gaël
  4. Hi! Very nice! What software suite do you use with the kinect to make those models? ++ Gaël
  5. Hi David, Thanks for the link. Regardig the PEEK insulator, it's fine for me. If there is no such document for the Teflon insulator, I'll have to take accurate measurements on a fairly soft material.... It the field of keeping the Utlimaker an open-source design, shouldn't those new hotend's standard components be properly documented anyway? ++ Gaël
  6. Hello all! I am looking for the drawings for the components of the Hotend V2. Mainly the PEEK insulator, the PTFE insulator and eventually the brass parts. I recently had to replace the PEEK insulator as it got deformed. (Although I only print PLA at 220°C max) and the Teflon insulator also got deformed. I want to machine a peek insulator that should be a bit stronger than the molded version. Any idea of where I can find the drawings of those parts? ++ Gaël
  7. Hello, As tu touché, pas le passé le réglage de la limite de courant sur le module de commande du moteur? (la petite carte avec un petit dissipateur) Vérifies aussi si la carte est bien dans le "couloir" de ventilation. Si tu as forcé sur le moteur, la carte a pu chauffer plus que d'habitude et si le refroidissement n'était pas nickel, tu as peut être griller la carte.... Sinon, tu peux affiner ton diagnostic en echangeant 2 cartes de commande des pas à pas et voir si ton problème se déplace avec la carte. Si c'est le cas, tu es bon pour acheter une carte de rechange. ++ Gaël
  8. Hello, I have a similar setup: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos?pid=5915739618682206690&oid=112842179594188428003 It uses a 24V fan directly on on of the power ports of the Ultimaker's board. Then it runs very quietly and is enough to keep the extruder motor cool. The mount is made with a zip tie and 2 3mm holes on the back of the machine and some scotch mount tape to avoid vibrations. ++ Gaël
  9. Hi gr5, I use Cura on my macbook with a Magic Mouse. It emulates the right button and scrool wheel and it works fine with Cura. ++ Gaël
  10. Hello Hugo, Pas de problème: J'utilise un raccord rapide de chez SMC Ref KQ2S06-01S. Je les achète chez Radiospares (Code 400-2498) Montées, les modifs ressemblent à ca: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112842179594188428003/albums/5915739618492997697/5915739630459864898?pid=5915739630459864898&oid=112842179594188428003 ++ Gaël
  11. Hello Hugo, Tu as plus intérêt à "investir" dans un nouveau tube en teflon et les maintiens associés. J'ai changé le "bowden tube" pour un autre plus large à l'intérieur qui ne bloque plus les filaments "low cost" et coté entrainement j'utilise un raccord rapide de chez SMC qui tient le tube à merveille et coté tête je suis parti du clamp de Owen que j'ai amélioré avec un raccord fileté. Quelques centaines d'heures d'impression plus tard : Rien d'a bougé. ++ Gaël
  12. Hello. Pas pour moi dans l'immédiat. J'attends que Cura soit bien au point sur la gestion du dual-extrusion. ++ Gaël
  13. Hello! J'ai du XT de chez Colorfabb en commande. Je vous ferais un retour. Sinon, j'ai beaucoup imprimé avec le PLA de chez Paoparts. Je ferais un retour dessus. ++ Gaël
  14. Hello, and welcome to the community... A must have, I think, is the Ulticontroller. It allows lots of freedom when it comes to tweak printing speed and temperature. ++ Gaël
  15. Hello, I asked the ebay vendor yesterday : The price is set like this because he is actually out of stock. Price will return to "normal" in approx 1 month when he'll get stock again. ++ Gaël
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