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  1. I tried to slice this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22404 , took a long time and then crash everytime, I am using 12.08 . Is it just me ?
  2. SkeinPyPy for mac hangs very often and need to reboot the mac. The expert settings don't seem to work i.e. all the settings there aren't saved and can't be used. It seems the max travel speed is 100mm/sec and the layer height can't change to 0.35mm. Pronterface count down really get into my nerve. I will have to find where the M220 setting is. The reason need to control the flow of plastic at the first layer is that a lot of plastic is drained before the print begins and so when it actually does it does not have enough plastic to make it stick.
  3. Oh BTW happy easter !!! I came acrocss Slic3r and Cura. Should I just skip Skeinforge and download one of these ? Cheers.
  4. I have installed Marlin on my Ultimaker. I use SkeinPyPy to slice the object and use Printerface to print. I don't really like Printerface because it lack the realtime control on Replicatorg but Replicatorg don't work with Marlin (I think). I also find SkeinPyPy a big buggy and lag the control I need. For example how to make the base print more plastic etc. So I am thinking of slicing with Skeinforge. However I can't find any online manual. Can anyone send me a link or something ? Thanks.
  5. Oh btw the pause is due to buffer full. Upgrade to Marlin solves this problem.
  6. Yeh I found the setting too thanks So a higher steps per E would extrude less filament ?
  7. You are right. It is 100mm. Please excuse me I am a rookie ;-) I am using 2.89mm diameter. Where can I find steps per E ? I can't find too many parameters in the Skeinpypy interface
  8. I just gone through the same exercise. Yup repG 0025 won't work with Marlin. Only 0026 would but that's for PC. So need to install SkeinPYPY. Just open TERMINAL and type in what the readme tell you. Here is my sample print Marlin vs Stock firmware. http://www.indiegogo.com/Wahoo-The-Affo ... y&a=391308 And you might want to create a shortcut to run the script. Use this in the AppleScript Editor sh "/Application/skeinpypy.sh" and do same for Pronteface.sh
  9. Daid, Sorted now. Some how after I redo the red & yellow wire and do them again I get the temperature. Here is my first print :-) http://www.unclebobtech.com/successful- ... timaker-3d BTW I notice that the print head travel for about 10 secs then pause for 1/2 sec and keep on doing that. It creates small blob on the print. Anyway to fix that? 2ndly I tried to increase the printfeedrate but seems no effect. Am I doing something wrong ? Cheers
  10. Hi I just assembled my newly arrived Ultimaker. In replicatorG the current temperature is shown zero. I can manually turn on the extrusion head header but the thermocouple cannot pick it up. When I remove the yellow and red wire from the thermocouple away from the mini circuitboard, the temperature jumps to 2xx. So it seems I have plug in everything correctly. I manually measured the resistance across the thermocouple it is around 2-3 ohms. Is this normal or do I have a faulty thermocouple. Thanks.
  11. Guys, Netfabb is very expensive. Do you guys feel it is worth buying?
  12. That's very nice quality. Any photo editing? And how much software calibration in order to get to this?
  13. The Table stand looks alright. It is shiney too. Is this PLA ? How you make it shiny?
  14. Wonder what stops Ultimaker from reaching the quality from those other professional 3D printers. 1. Hardware ? 2. Software ? 3. Calibration ?
  15. This video is really cool. Never thought of calibrating with a multi meter. Is that close to the plate good for print ?
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