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  1. Many thanks I am using Windows 10 64 bit. OK I found them. Program files Location changed to Ultimaker Cura and I was looking under Cura
  2. Hi I want to replace a machine profile with an edited one. I cannot locate where all the files are that show up in Manage Printer - Add Printer - Other. I assume I should find a json file and replace it. Any pointers? Regards Ian
  3. Hi The Inventor import works a treat on all objects tried so far. There is one small issue. When you write the G code it does not pick up the file name imported. It writes to "unnamed.gcode". Regards Ian
  4. Hi Just seen this. Raised an issue on Git and the problem is now fixed.
  5. Hi Has Firmware for Ultimaker 2+ been updated in Cura 2.6.1? Question really is Should I update firmware? Also is there a way to check the firmware version currently installed on the printer? Regards Ian
  6. Have you tried Version 2.5 release? Seems to me to be better at multiply. Regards Ian
  7. Hi I have just used multiply and one at a time to print a number of small parts on an Ultimaker 2+. Latest multiply in Cura 2.5 is an improvement. Unfortunately the first part printed fine but there was no filament extruded on the second part for ages so no skirt and no bottom layers. Looking at the code I see a G10 at the end of the first part which I understand is retraction and then a G11 at the beginning of the 2nd part which I understand should reverse the G10. I commented out the G10 and the parts all printed OK but with a little stringing. I am therefore sure the problem is caused by the G11 not working. Is this a Cura issue or a Firmware issue (Or even a materials setup)? Regards Ian
  8. Hi I can confirm this. I am sure its a bug. I have increased skirt line count to get round it. Ian
  9. Hi Why is there a basic and zunlimited version for the UM2plus? Regards Ian
  10. Many thanks I realised you can change bed temperature with the manual control. What I should have asked is can I change the bed temperature within the gcode as I did on the Original? Regards Ian
  11. Hi I understand the Ultimaker 2+ has the bed temperature set on the machine. Does this mean you can no longer change bed temperature during a print? I have just replaced my Original with a 2+. I have a stack of ABS that I want to use up. After many months of experimenting I found that I needed to start with a bed temperature of 110 to get a good stick onto Kapton but could reduce to 85 after the first few layers. Regards Ian
  12. Hi Does any one know the pitch of the Ultimaker 2 + bed levelling screws? i.e. How much does one turn raise or lower the bed? Regards Ian
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