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  1. Many thanks I am using Windows 10 64 bit. OK I found them. Program files Location changed to Ultimaker Cura and I was looking under Cura
  2. Hi I want to replace a machine profile with an edited one. I cannot locate where all the files are that show up in Manage Printer - Add Printer - Other. I assume I should find a json file and replace it. Any pointers? Regards Ian
  3. Hi The Inventor import works a treat on all objects tried so far. There is one small issue. When you write the G code it does not pick up the file name imported. It writes to "unnamed.gcode". Regards Ian
  4. Hi Why is there a basic and zunlimited version for the UM2plus? Regards Ian
  5. Hi Daid I am willing to test. Regards Ian
  6. Hi Will the Synchromesh Cable really work? What stops the core twisting under load and effecting position. You might like to try Misumi for belts. Their pricing is very competitive in the UK.
  7. Hi I started with a ballscrew repstrap. One of the biggest troubles I had was ball screw inertia. I could not get the acceleration or speed you need for 3D printing. It is the low inertia required to move the Ultimaker extruder head that makes it a much better machine than a mendel. I have built a Repstrap, Mendel & finally purchased an Ultimaker. It is streets ahead in speed and therefore resolution. (At low speeds high resolution is like watching paint dry!) Regards Ian
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