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  1. Cooling the bed down and then heating it gain sounds like it would take quite awhile, if that was the best route to take then printing multiple pieces before clearing them off would be a real time saver.
  2. Haha, knocking the prints off is an awesome idea. We'll be printing with ABS on a heated bed though, a part about 20mm long, 17mm wide and 10mm high. I think we'll have too much surface adhesion, as awesome as spitting the parts out would be. I wonder about buying a metre of kapton 200mm wide though, and making a cycling bed that would cool the parts down as it goes off to one side, and then as it gets to the roller it would fall off whether it wants to or not. Assuming you had no technical issues you could basically set it up and forget about it for a week.
  3. Ah, thats excellent. I didnt even think of printing one layer of each, i thought printing each part separately would be stronger too. The part i'm immediately thinking of this for is quite low profile so i shouldn't need too much extra clearance around each part.
  4. So if you don't print one object at time, how do the others work? Printing all of the parts on one layer then going to the next layer for all parts? Or am I misunderstanding you? Printing each part completely before moving onto the next would definitely be preferably to throwing away 60 half finished parts in the event of something going wrong!
  5. Fantastic, thank you very much for your fast response.
  6. Is there a way to easily "panellise" GCode? for example: I have a 15mm x 20mm part, and I need a lot of them, is there a program that I can load my gcode into to print say 8 columns of 8 rows of this part? This would print out 64 parts at a time. Alternatively, if this could be set-up through the ulticontroller that would be amazing.
  7. It's more of a behind the scenes thing Alaris, and something which Ultimaker will need to do sooner or later with the way they are growing. Having to rely on third party electronics and their supply chain can be quite harmful to sales - if they cant get in an arduino board, or a shield, or the stepper motor driver, they cant sell machines. If I could hazard a guess at what is causing the delay in shipping new ultimakers, I'd be pretty certain that it's 3rd party parts and not any other sort of backlog, be it stepper motors or electronics. It's not practical to develop and manufacture your own
  8. I was referring specifically to the official looking effort here: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Next-Gen_Electronics_NEW . I've seen that Ultimaker are looking to hire EEs so I wasn't sure what their technical capabilities are and if they may need assistance to bring their plans to fruition. I've added my comments on the stm32 controller that was looking for a schematic review in the google group already I'm a huge ARM cortex fan as any of my company's clients can attest haha. Personally, I don't think the software re-write is a negative but a positive considering how the new firmware wo
  9. I noticed the topic in the wiki titled Next-Gen Electronics. Is this something that is purely internal to Ultimaker, or will it be accepting community contributions? I'd be very happy to donate some of my time to improving the electronics and getting things onto the ARM platform and away from 8bit AVRs. At the very least I'd be happy to create SMPS schematics for supplying clean, efficient 3.3v power to the system - lets face it, the powersupplies we use on these and running steppers make for very dirty supply. I run a small electronics consulting company, so even if this is an internal proj
  10. Note that you are entering an experimental area then: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=773&start=30 With the latest retraction settings from Florian things are improving. But oozing remains a bit of a problem. We realise that its an experimental area, however the quality of normal printing is just so much higher from the samples i've seen (even when not trying to go for quality) that it really makes sense for us when we want to use it for rapid prototyping enclosures for electronics we design. We have a mechanical engineer working here so we figure we can probably work out something, and we ha
  11. No problem Sounds like we need to setup an Australian Ultimaker owners thread so we can organise group buys of supplies and parts. I'm going to order a bunch of PLA and ABS in from overseas if you want to get a few reels in. We're a registered australian company so we'll just bring them in and sell them to you at cost if you need an invoice. Pretty sure we're going to go for the Ultimaker now and try to set it up for dual extruders so we can build soluble supports.
  12. I'm likely to be ordering an Ultimaker kit and controller before the end of next week if anyone wants to get in on the order. Still weighing up the pros and cons of this and the MakerBot Replicator with dual heads.
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