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  1. yup, I also do save my projects that way, otherwise I would have too many profiles anyway with very similar names but slight adjustments. I always overwrite a project if a print failed or was not to my liking so I adjust and save over the previous "not perfect one". That way I have all my really nice and working settings easy to find per projects. The fact that the new version was looking at some white_pla material profile that was causing issues is strange but I resolved it now and I dont care. 🙂 back to slicing and printing
  2. Uninstalled 4.3 (and 3.6) to install a clean 4.4 Ultimaker 2 File "X:\4.4-exe\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\cura\Machines\Models\IntentModel.py", line 105, in _getActiveMaterials KeyError: 'ultimaker_pla_white' Uninstalled it... reinstalled it again... same issue... let me know what you need, will provide... I need a slicer now so looks like I will go back to 4.3 Oh I just "fixed it" ... I removed the file C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.4\resources\materials\ultimaker_pla_white.xml.fdm_material (moved it to anoth
  3. I am also getting the strange retraction from time to time... using Cura 3.6 to slice I do not have examples files at the moment but this got me to go back to normal firmware. I will try the factory reset and new latest tinker frimware and report back if the issue persist and this time will have some files.
  4. Well I say cookie cutters but really it's to cut fondant for cake decorations. It's simpler to say cookie cutters than explaining the fondant Anythow, I did the .22mm trick to get a few more layers printed and Thanks for the 2 objects that I can merge and change each proprieties separately, this can come handy. So the result is that it gives me an ok edge but not as much as I was hoping for. I have other nozzles that I can try... guess I have to give it a go. Oh and if I do an edge layer it will not be strong enough and break too easily... I will report back when I get time to ret
  5. Hi guys need your help again. I am designing and printing cookie cutters from a simple line object. I basically extrude the curve objects to create vertical walls (0.8mm wide for 2x passes from the Ultimaker 0.4 nozzle) and I am trying to get it to taper to super sharp (ultimate zero) I realise the limitation of the printer so I get it that I will not get the final edge razor sharp... BUT... I want it as sharp as possible. The 3D model is perfect in the sense that it has taper to razor sharp but then in CURA it must detect the machine/program/parameters limitation and grey out the last
  6. Guys that is helping a lot... I am trying to program the .5mm top layer in my Rhino script now (as I try to make this transformation happen from curve to cookie cutters. So for the prints are way better! it's great. Thanks a lot
  7. I am actually trying to make it tapper as it should be "sharp" to cut the cookie dough or cake fondant. the 2 "shells" wide is good but could benefit of having it sharper at the top. Do you have any experience on how I can make it sharp? If I could have 1mm of 1 shell thickness in between the 2 shells walls it would be so nice. Do you think I am pushing too hard on the resolution? I have printed some stress test models that have very sharp pointy ends so I am confident it can be done. I just don't know how to model it...
  8. AMAZING Robert (as usual!!) The ZERO infill fixed the jumping around while printing layers but on the last layer there is again strange "spot filling" ... my model should be flat at that point as I was playing with taper edges earlier and did not really produce good results (have to retry as it could be related to the infill too) but that B letter STL file had a flat "top"/final layer so I do not understand why CURA slice it like this Let me know if you need to see more parameters... And again, thanks a lot this is really good help and very appreciated!
  9. Hi guys, have to say I love my Ultimaker 2 and I love Cura (even if I run everything through Netfab first) So here is my problem... printing files from other users always produce expected results ( I now have an Olson block for nozzle quick change and better thermal qualities) No under / over extrusions, prints really good speed (need to rerun the speed cylinder test since new nozzle system) Temperature for PLA good results 190C all the way to 235C ... (I know it's hot) So my printer is well calibrated and prints well we can establish that. Now my problem... I am using Rhino 5.0 late
  10. Ok well... this is fun, nice for me and little help for those of you working hard to "fix" the "issue" I did another test (double cylinder test, to also stress the retraction) setup EXACTLY as before with only 1 thing different. The Spool was on the ground and I had made sure to reduce as much as possible the coiling and radius of the PLA I was going to use. This is not really a nice thing to do as it means you cannot let the U2 run alone all night on long prints. But look at this: So for my particular situation, having a longer tube going to the feeded and having a friction
  11. Got the issue of under extrusion at around 6.5 I am still waiting to see if anyone got a very good design feeder to print. I have limited time but on the other end all my prints take quite some time to run... I should put the effort now and fix this. I did check the nozzle, the Teflon tube, the temperature (this print was with PLA at 230) The spool is a brand new one. I will reprint today and try to make the filament straight this time to see if it is only stress on the mechanism.
  12. Hey Ian, I am willing to print and test your part, currently on the cylinders test I fail at 6.5 mm/s so I have one of the typical medium performance machine. Prints very nice on Cura default settings "Normal" and "High Quality" but as soon as I try to push it, even going to 230C PLA it skips badly. I really want to push the speed and quality from the U2. Let me know if you want to share your file with me and I will test/report here! Thanks Dany
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