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  1. Blarp, hey guys; Tuesday evening my housemate told me he's moving out soon. I really super sucks hard because Tuesday was the beginning of a 5 day vacation for me and he totally F'd it up. It's hard to get an exact date out of him, and as such I've had to turn my vacation into a hunt for a new place to live. I can't realistically afford to live here by myself and I need to start now so I can move into somewhere sometime next month. I may be sparsy appearing on the forums for a few weeks until I can get everything settled and planned out, I'll still be monitoring the MPC and printing though
  2. Definitely a quality job Leo!! The flesh and veins on look totally real as well as the fabric, and also totally gross ; great job!! @Chrisp, really glad to see your photos! The light switch looks great in your filament choice, and the gasket looks perfect for the abuse its gone through; real nice work. @Gothampixel, looking forward to seeing your whole building , really nice looking job; how did you get all the measurements? Did you measure things on the first floor and multiply up?
  3. Ahh, it's Friday morning over here and I'm looking forward to a weekend of sweet printing! Lately I've just been crashing at home after work and need a little R&R. If it makes you feel any better Chrisp, it's muggy and hot over here in VA; it's like walking through a hot sponge :???:.
  4. Hey guys, no one posted anything here for a whole day! Just saying hey :mrgreen: and I hope everyone is doing well. The Monthly Print Challenge (MPC) thread looks like it's getting a lot of people interested so I'm definitely excited about that! I can't wait to see the printing strategies people conjure up.
  5. Extra Blarp! Sorry I posted the wrong month, I don't know what happened. Last night I had a little freak out because I thought the conference was really in August and my non-refundable plane tickets were booked for September I almost had a little heart attack. Sorry for the confusion everyone. On a similar note, my paper was officially accepted; albeit with a couple of reservations :mrgreen:.
  6. Wow some really great prints! Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the number of great submissions; keep them coming especially the utility prints. @pm_dude you have inspired me to finally design a new battery cover for my gaming mouse, it broke recently and I've been shuffling the design lower and lower on my list of things to do. Also, @ Didier Klein, you look like you've done nothing but print stuff out for the last week! Awesome collection! I spent all of last week trying to print with PVA with very little success, blarp! I changed every conceivable variable in my printing workflow and could
  7. Hey guys, alright maybe I'm going crazy but I can't even find the post where I mentioned Berlin? :shock: I could have sworn I posted the dates I was going to be there. I also may have said August? I really don't know what happened with the dates. Officially, I'm getting in on Tuesday the 9th and leaving Sunday the 14th of September. I'm sending the people interested in meeting up a PM with my contact details and such; it's going to be great to see you guys in person!!! These last couple of days I've been ill, but I spent almost all of last week days trying to print out of PVA from multip
  8. @Didier Klein, sorry to disappoint; the second nozzle is on the UMO (Ultimaker Original). I totally wish I had dual nozzles on the UM2, and am very much looking forward to snatching it up when it comes out!!! Thanks for posting the print settings, I wouldn't have thought to do 0.6 wall thickness, it turned out fantastic looking. @Dim3nsioneer, yeah I used all the Dual extrusion settings that were available; and they work really well! The Ooze shield is really cool, I saved most of the shield and I'll post a picture of it later today. *Forgot to mention I printed these a little colder th
  9. Woah tons of great prints! I haven't been in the forum as much as I would want lately I've been messing with a dual extrusion kit acquired from a friend who wasn't using it, and been trying other slicing engines (sorry David, although your slicing engine is soon on it's way to being the best one out there !) @LeoDDC, thanks a bunch for sharing your support strategy with us, It turned out fantastic! Very nice design :grin:. The rest was free printed, WOW! @pm_dude, I always love seeing the utility prints!! Nice application, and in my opinion the setup looks great, anything with 3D printe
  10. @LeoDDC Woah! really great looking print, I'm amazed that the printer did the fabric so well; thanks for the close-ups! Did you use the supports in Cura? Also, what filament is that; I really like the grey colors, I think they show details well.
  11. @Didier Klein, thanks for sharing the video. I love watching prints in action! Yours was particularly entertaining, as it had the meshmixer supports, I'm always amazed by those support structures. Also, cool filament holder; I'm too lazy to buy anything that doesn't already come on a spool :mrgreen:. @illuminarti, lol thanks; yeah I should just keep my toothbrush there as I find myself just mesmerized by the printer for most of the day; and consequently spend a large portion of my day there. I really do need to stop watching it so much!!! @pm_dude, cool print; it looks really nice for
  12. @Skint, yeah I've definitely been busy. I'm always reading the threads via my emails even if I'm not responding. I want to spend so much time in the forum, but also want to do so many other printing things that I often have to think about how I want to split up my time. I really love the UMO it's got a lot of great features, and I now understand why people like the extruder much; it seems pretty robust. Interesting utilization of the printer Skint, I would love to see the finished product when you have the time. @Didier Klein, definitely need to clone myself or improve my workflow :
  13. @Geeks, really interesting print, the explanation and video of the process are appreciated. Is the rest of the submarine 3D-printed? @Valcrow, thanks; the entire thing is 3D printed. I deposited a very small amount of sewing machine oil with a hypodermic needle type glue applicator. Here is a cross section of the spinning interface, I made sure the space at the tip was smaller than the wall portion in the cylinder, this way it wouldn't be able to fall apart. I think 50 or 100 microns smaller distance at the tip interface may make it better, but it didn't seem worth it to test it out: E
  14. Usually when I don't check this forum for a couple of days there are many more prints, people must be busy :mrgreen:. I've been busy for a while as a function of perhaps too much printing. I printed this for my father, I designed it in one evening, printed it that night, and woke up to a functional print. I've never designed a gimble before, and I guessed on all of the design features. I'm definitely getting better at tolerances now, there is little play between the rings. Here is a video of the device in action, a stationary magnet tries to keep the center of the gimble from rotating.
  15. @cor3ys, that is really great looking, especially for a first go around! Really nice stuff, it sort of reminds me of the alien from Enemy Mine, great movie BTW. @Dieselpower, the design seems to be gaining popularity; I would be interested to hear how well it works out for you. @Chrisp, I always love the utility posts; even the small things like a hook which looks very robust. If you notice your hook degrading, send me your .stl file and I'll print it out of PET+ plastic and mail you the hook if you like. It's suppose to not absorb water and be ultra durable, I've been printing with i
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