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  1. Hello, It seems that I broke the SD card reader. It worked well since 2013. Now the printer crash when trying to read a SD card. I tried : - 4 different SD cards with various speeds => FAILED - format them is FAT32 => FAILED - flash again the last stable Tinkergnome firmware. Flashed successfully but didn't solved the issue - flash again the last stable original UM2+ firmware. Flashed successfully but didn't solved the issue The UM2+ is still working with the USB cable. My conclusion is that the SD card reader is probably broken. Someone knows which manufacturer / part number they use ? It's not mentioned in the BOM on github. I don't know if there are more details in Altium. I cannot read the files... Thanks Best,
  2. Thanks all for the quick reply. Hardware ordered. Eager to install everything 8)
  3. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2 without any modification except the Olsson block. I would like to upgrade to the Mark2. Can I buy only one UM2+ upgrade and use the original print head with Olsson block as second head with Bondtech feeder ? This will save me a UM2+ upgrade kit ;-) In the Mark2 essential, is the PCB included ? Are they available ? Thanks ! Cheers Gauthier
  4. Hi, Do someone have the specifications for the NFC tags and readers ? What kind of NFC tags are used ? Do someone have a datasheet or the part number used ? I would like to be able to read the data on the tags and write new tags from a raspberry pi/arduino Thanks Cheers
  5. We would like for sure to get the Ultimaker data (both filaments and settings) with pleasure on the website. The database behind is able to handle terabytes of data. We will add slicers export before the end of 2016 for Cura, Simplify3D, Kissslicer and Slic3r. Even for UM3, users may be interested into having other options for many reasons like type of plastics, composites, cost, color, etc... They will need a way to find and source them. They will need after to find the right settings. For the pictures of the settings on the website, they will be added in the next release. We will release also an explore page where users can see what others printed. Thanks for the feedback !
  6. I created Filaments.directory to help the community to find new filament with ease by collecting data about filaments all over the world. I launched last week a new feature where users can share their print settings for the combination printer and filament. The goal is to collect as much data as possible, create default profile and avoid the trial and error process when using a new product. All the user's settings are shared under Creative Commons by-nc-sa/4.0 licence. I launched a contest to celebrate the new feature with Wanhao, Colorfabb, Extrudr and Innofil. If you register on Filaments.directory, you have one chance to win. If you share a print setting, one more chance. The more you share, the more likely you will win one of the 35 prizes. Contest : I want to participate Thanks for your help ! PS : we like feedback. If your filament or printer is not listed, please comment this post.
  7. Hello, I ordered the 1730 full metal hotend. I have to choose between 12 and 24V hotend. The UM2 hotend is 12 or 24V ? I didn't find the information inside the manuels except that UM2 operates at 24V. It's not specific to the hotend. Just want to be sure ;-) Thanks
  8. The results are on 3D PRinting Industry : http://3dprintingindustry.com/2016/01/21/new-global-filament-directory-builds/ Thanks for all !
  9. Sure ! I have already started to share some results on Twitter with the hashtag #3dprintingsurvey. Thanks !
  10. Already 62 responses. I still need 38 responses ! Thanks in advance for your participation.
  11. Already 41 responses in 24 hours. Great ! I need 100 responses ! Thanks in advance for your participation.
  12. Hi everyone, I created a survey about 3D printing filaments : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3d_printing_filament It takes only 5 minutes to complete and the results will be published on my blog. Thanks for your help ! Cheers Gauthier
  13. Update : For those who have the same problem, It was too wet PLA. The Ultimaker 1 bowden tube is compatible with the Ultimaker 2. Thanks
  14. I will see for the parameters tonight. I found also a bowden tube problem. I had a massive bronzefill problem. The head was full of bronze. The filament in the bowden tube was pretty hot. I found that the inner diameter of the bowden tube is too narrow the last cm. I have to change it. Do you know if the bowden tube on the online store is compatible with the UM2 ? Thanks Gauthier
  15. Hi, I have some problems on the picture here. Some lines are full of small holes... It seems that increasing the flow by 10% and slower speed solve the problem. Do you know why ? Is there a better solution ? Thanks in advance G
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