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  1. Ja, reichelt hat z.B. colorfabb-Filament im Angebot.
  2. While I can completely understand your disappointment (I had the same bad luck with exactly the same missing parts), insulting the people that are trying to help you (or at least reassure you that the problem will be fixed) won't get you much nearer to a solution. As I've said before, it took UM support about a week to supply me with the missing parts - I suspect that it won't take them much longer to ship them to you. I know, it's bad to have to wait for the parts, though if you can't afford to wait, the remaining https://github.com/Ultimaker/UltimakerOriginal/blob/master/1143_Feeder_Spring_
  3. Just to finish this up - the parts arrived last Tuesday, and everything's working fine, now. Thanks to Sander and the support team! Cheers - Enno
  4. It took them about a week from my first inquiry to the missing parts arriving in the mail - and from "I've notified the logistics department" to arrival it was more like three (working) days. I'm in Germany, and the parts came via DHL Express - shouldn't take much longer.
  5. Had the same issue (missing parts for feeder mechanism), which was very quickly solved by Sander and Simone. Now a happy camper. Thanks!
  6. Habe meinen UM1 am 27.2. bei iGo3D bestellt, und auf den Tag nach einem Monat war er da. Also auch über die Distributoren funktioniert's schließlich.
  7. Hi there, finally, I can also officially say hello as a member of the Ultimaker community. I've received my UM1 kit about two weeks ago and managed to put two thirds of it together with help from my brother in a single evening (from about 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.) - it was just missing the electronics assembly and half of the feeder mechanism due to a missing piece. This would also be the time to thank the UM support team, who was very, well, supportive and sent me the missing pieces (a knurled drive bolt, bearing, bolt and nut) promptly, and overall was a pleasure to work with. This (and the commun
  8. Hi Sander, thanks for the offer - I sent you the DM with the ticket number and my address. As I said in the DM, the parts are nowhere to be found (but my appartment is cleaner now). :-) Any indication when you'll be able to ship the parts? Best regards - Enno
  9. Hey there, finally received my UM1 kit - yay! Unfortunately, the kit is missing a few pieces, specifically: 1 hobbed bolt 3 washers M8 1 hex nut M8 1 cap nut M8 1 small bearing 1 feeder spring I've ordered the kit from the official German reseller, iGo3D. Should I go contact them for the missing parts? It seems that they forwarded the package directly as received from Ultimaker, so I'm not sure how far they can help me. I already opened a support ticket with Ultimaker yesterday, but haven't received a response yet. It's kinda frustrating, having an almost complete UM1 sittin
  10. First of all, thanks for putting in the effort to keep everybody up to date and happy - I can imagein that that's not easy on top of keeping regular operatings running. I've also ordered a UM1/Ulticontroller/Doodle3D bundle, but from iGo3D. Any indication when you will ship the bundles that were ordered through your official resellers?
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