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  1. Hey slyowl, I'm well over 2 months using the extruder now, it's working great, the filament goes straight into the contact ninjaflex wheels, the guiding in the present design works fine. My guess is the ratio of your gears don't match somehow, that is, one set moves faster than the other, than the filament doesn't move straight up as it should. I'm really guessing here though, maybe a video of it working would help visualize what is happening. Well, from my experience, the more wheels you got, the harder it is to make it run smoothly. I've spent many days with the 4 contact wheels until I
  2. Hello all, I've been trying for the past weeks to bring this UM2 board I got to life. From the start, the board didn't accept firmware uploads, didn't comply when trying to burn the bootloader thru ISP or USBtiny programmers, but now, after countless hours, it seems I got those steps right, as I've been able to successfully upload Marlin into it. The problem is, when I plug the brick and turn the board on, it doesn't turn on. When I supply power to the board thru either ICSP pins I get the green led and can communicate with it though. I'm sure that the brick works because I've tested it in
  3. Well, I thought there was some special magic, something only Ultiboot would do, i.e., like an identifier to let Cura upload new firmware, etc. I´m not using any Arduino board. I got an UM2 board I ordered from China that seems bricked, I´ve tried to upload firmware to it thru ICSP header, no go whatsoever. I have plenty of arduino´s at hand, its just that I keep receiving the verification error described in my first post. Thanks for your interest btw.
  4. Thank you very much for your answer jcosmo! Although there's even poetry in it , I did those exact steps days ago without success. I've managed to burn bootloaders on undetected arduinos before, so I'm pretty confident the process you describe should've worked, but this board never worked before (I'm trying to build a 2nd UM2 from scratch), so there's probably something defective with the hardware itself (China, you know...). Actually, I've tried so many things that it makes me tired just to think about writing it down! lol But I tried gammon's software, ArduinoISP as you mentioned, creatin
  5. That answer, although clarifying, actually details the process of burning the bootloader, not the compilation of Ultiboot or pointing to a compiled version.... As answered there, that didn't solve my particular problem, and I'd still like to hear about Ultiboot as it stands at the moment if someone knows about it...
  6. Ow, I don't know if you tried to download it and took a look at the models, but there is an axle gear that goes into the stepper motor shaft (that I had forgotten to upload, it's there now!), so no, they can't feed in different rates whatsoever.
  7. I've been using it for about a month, there is a little wear on the edges of the zigzag pattern, not enough to affect performance so far.
  8. Yes, thanks, I've adapt on previous work (here). Everything in the picture is printed in CF20, except the wheels that are Ninjaflex. I've had good results printing the body in ABS, it seems that the gears slide better over it. CF20 gears over CF20 body creates sort of an additional friction. Printing the gears in ABS was somewhat problematic, because it expands more at the bottom of the print and makes uneven gears, that's why I went for CF20 in the first place. I'm confident though that with the right setting it can be done right.
  9. I've made this post to discuss the pros and cons of the present design, to improve the already working and reliable design and get an even better mechanism! Ninjaflex Geared Ultimaker 2 Feeder I'd be glad to hear your ideas!
  10. Ok, I finally got around to publish the design of the feeder I'm currently using. Ninjaflex Geared Ultimaker 2 Feeder It is really reliable and even though you need some additional parts (bearings and other little thingys), it is really reliable and I'm getting the best prints since I got the printer, with a variety of materials!
  11. ataraxis, I just published a similar design with the same working principle, except for the belts. Ninjaflex Geared Ultimaker 2 Feeder I think the less parts you could put in to get a reliable mechanism the better...
  12. Yeah, I realised that too. I just wish someone could clarify where can I find the stock bootloader or how to get it going again, since I can´t see my board on any Arduino version neither in Cura and have tried everything I could think off.
  13. I'm wondering if someone could point me to a compiled version of daid's Ultiboot whose source is here, or give me instructions on how to compile it. I got a board which I can't for the life of me get a firmware uploaded to it, have done the ICSP flashing on Atmega16U2 already, which went fine, but I'm stuck on Atmega's 2560 bootloader upload, which always gives me verification errors... (./avrdude -c arduino -p m2560 -F -P /dev/tty.usbmodem204411 -U flash:w:stk500boot_v2_mega2560.hex avrdude: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions Reading | #############################
  14. Hey jcosmo, Could you please clarify exactly what wiring you used from the link you mentioned and how you went about it in more detail? Did you use arduino as ISP to wire to the board? Did you use the sketch from gammon.com or the arduino as ISP sketch? Getting the same problem here...
  15. Yes, as you can see on the stepper in the following image: The feeder grip shaft wheel goes above it...
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