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  1. We can, how do we start. I no longer have a printer but that shouldn't stop us as much of this I impinge will be off the shelf bits - tubing etc.
  2. Here it is in CAD ,altered since then but gives you a rough idea.
  3. I decided to be a bit more clever and spit the model. As this is only for a very alpha design test I don't need a solid part. I'll print many fronts and a single back, with a sliding join. First front is coming out out, 7 hours. Printing at 0.2, 60mm sec at 220.
  4. Are you using a primer at all? I prime with two coats before adding paint, works a treat.
  5. Youmagine gave up, here is a link: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D96EE0343F940893%2112237
  6. Uploading to Youmagine now, looking at the layers the thing is basically empty - I think Cura is lying.
  7. Hello. I am going to be test printing a wild bee house, it's a 6 inch cube with holes in it. I jut want to print fast and ugly for now to test the size and design. The low quality setting in Cura is telling me 79 hours, which cannot be right! In expert settings I'm on 0.2 layer height, 50mm second, 5% infill, 1.2 mm wall thickness. It goes to 89 hours! Help.
  8. Is the GCode for the new start sequence available, as in can somebody point me to it? I'm trying Slic3r to test print quality and want to use the Cura start sequence. Ta
  9. Screen glitches c can see nothing then it crashes .
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