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  1. Hi @wlock ..I've just found my shipment notification too!! Finally Thanks to all involved in solving this.
  2. @SandervG ..actually by 'already contacted' I meant this morning after your team contacted them, that was their response.
  3. Thanks @SandervG ...well actually I got contacted already by iGo3D although with a rather non-committing: "We do not have any kits on stock, we will deliver as soon as we got it on stock." lol ...I'll wait and hope for the best for now at least
  4. Hi @SandervG My order number at iGo3D is Order #100002133 (placed on March 15, 2016 12:37:22 AM CET) it contains just the ACUM-EXTR-UPGR-UM2+ kit. Thanks for your support. @wlock, funnily enough (and believe it or not) I actually happened to have ordered a new car around the same time as the upgrade kit and the car just got delivered last week... but I'm still waiting for the ultimaker kit lol. Funny you mentioned just that I do understand delays believe me, I'm in this same kind of business myself. The problem is really all about setting the wrong expectations. If the upgrade kit was never announced until it was really ready for mass shipment, probably only few would be asking for it. But once the kit is announced with all the marketing hype, cool installation videos and advertised in front pages by stores, one would expect that Ultimaker has a warehouse full of these kits ready to get them out (which is not an unreasonable assumption since afaik those same parts that make the kit are used in the production UM2+). Couple of weeks delay is a somewhat acceptable annoyance but 3 months+ delay is - with all respect - ridiculous. Delays have always been a problem with Ultimaker, when I ordered the UM2 I remember waiting for a good number of weeks. Still, I love my UM2 and Cura, wouldn't change them for anything else but when I recommend Ultimaker to my friends I always put the disclamer: "you'll likely need to wait a couple of months for it!". You can do better!!
  5. @wlock did you get your order from igo3D? I too ordered from them back in March and I'm still waiting
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply SandervG ...had not seen the 'company update' before. Looking forward to get it - also because I have a failing nozzle sensor (my fault), hope it lasts till I get the kit
  7. Can someone from Ultimaker advice on the production status of these upgrade kits ? I ordered mine from iGo3D in Germany on 15th March and they seem to have no idea when to expect delivery of the kits from Ultimaker.
  8. Yes true, I had that happen too initially and I think it was because I had retraction enabled. With retraction disabled and the knurled part moved slightly inwards it worked perfectly but then again I only printed one item with ninjaflex so far.
  9. yesterday I did my first print with ninjaflex with standard ultimaker2 feeder. I had some issues but found a solution I wanted to share here. Basically I noticed that the main problem with ninjaflex is that it is so flexible that when any pressure is applied to move it through the extruder it bends. Rigid PLA/ABS will always stay straight through the feeder but ninjaflex bends. The problem with this is that it bends far enough that it slips out of the gripping part of the feeder wheel (the one with the knurling on it) on the internal side of the feeder and so not easily visible. I noticed this because the filament was apparently completely stuck but when I pulled it manually it simply came out without any resistance from the feeder. To solve this slipping problem I unscrewed the locking screw on the knurled part and moved it a few mm inwards on the stepper motor shaft and locked it in place again. With this simple change the filament stopped slipping out of the feeder's grip and the printing worked flawlessly. I only printed at 10mm/s but I bet I can speed it up a bit more. Hope this helps someone with the same issue
  10. For those waiting for their order to ship ...I placed my order (UM2 + 4 filaments) on April 9th and it has shipped today, a few days short of 8 weeks....hopefully I'll be running my first print by the end of the week :-) Thanks Ultimaker!
  11. Hi, I placed my UM2 order yesterday and want to pay by bank transfer but the details I got from Adyen do not include the beneficiary address that is required by the bank transfer system. anyone had this issue ? Thanks, George
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