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  1. A few sentences din not make it into the reply above. :-) The cable was turned 180° in the connector and then locking function on e the single cable is not working. Now I have 2 places where the printer is assembled totally incorrect. Are Ultimaker having serious problems with quality of their products?
  2. It was the same problem that I had with the fans. The cable connectors on the main board were assembled "not good".
  3. Hi. Have not used my UM2 for a week. When powered it up the LED is not working. Checked Settings and it's set to 100%, changed it and set to 100% again. Still not working. What is the best guess before I dissasemble the printer for the fault?
  4. Had the same problem, the two fans suddenly stopped. Looked at the cables and connectors near the fans. The problem was in the connector underneath the printer going to the PCB. It was easily fixed but it is an assembly error from the manufacturer.
  5. Actually not, the window is put at the back behind the Cura main window. :-( Maybe I should report this as a bug?
  6. I got 2 rolls in broken package from Ultimaker. One roll was cut open by a knife or sharp object, probably before being put in the shipping box. The other bag was destroyed by bad packing from Ultimaker. I was not planning on using them right now. The humidity, all I can say right now is as it is in south Germany, :-) I can try to measure it.
  7. How long can you store your PLA in open (broken plastic bag) and still get good quality prints?
  8. My UM 2 did 10 mm3/s perfect but failed on 11 mm3/s.
  9. My UM 2 does the test cylinder beautifully with Ultimaker Ultimate Blue PLA.
  10. I just upgraded the firmware from Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Cura 14.06 without any problems.
  11. Hi, everybody! Just want to let all know that I ordered my Ultimaker 2 in the beginning of March and it had 8-10 weeks delivery time. I just received my printer after 6 1/2 weeks. Just got it unpacked and turned on and doing my first print. Everything looks just great. Thank you for living up to my expectations! Best Regards, Mats
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