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  1. I think you can learn a lot with the Software Simplify3D, were you can as other members suggested, select undesired supports. For what i saw in a lot of youtube videos, Z-Suite from zortrax seems to work very well in generating support structures.
  2. Hi all, I don't know if it depends of the cooling system, but i can't understand why the new Makezine Review on 3D Printers (http://cdn.makezine.com/make/magazine/V42-preview.pdf) gives a 5 star Overhangs to the Ultimaker Original+ and only 3 stars to Ultimaker2.
  3. Does anyone knows how to invert the z movement of the plate? Is it possible to easy edit G-code generated with CUDA to do that?
  4. What do you think about this? "How to Transform your 3D Printer in a CNC milling machine" http://www.velleman.eu/downloads/0/user/usermanual_k8200_cnc_milling.pdf
  5. Hi, I am a newbie. I'm having some problems printing the test file. Even if i use the glue provided, all my printings seams to detach from the building plate (please see photos).
  6. The bob method " Posted 15 December 2013 - 02:53" PM worked for me. Thank's Bob!
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