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  1. and one more thing !!!!!! lease make the print area settings better !!!! my advice.... give me the option to move the print head to the place i want and tell the um2 to make it origin. so it will be the corner of the print area !!! and then i will tel the printer the size of the print area. just solve that problem please
  2. please do this !!!!! 1. i want to print the walls with no infill and no bottom !!! i know, there is such option, but it is no good if the print has no support !!! the infill is not good all the time for this. let's say i want only 5% infill. only to make the model a bit stronger. in addition to that, i want support "in the model" were the 5% infill is not going to support the model. so... please add "inside model support" option ! it will be so great, and save time. 2. let me turn on or off what i want to print inner wall, outer wall... thanks
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