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  1. hi, i installed all metal head on my um2 the heater made of aluminium (e3d) and i see that the temp go up and down all the time i think that the brass hater is better because it stay hot, and the aluminium is cooled down quickly. and that way it happens ! what do you think? how can i solve it? (i have 40w heater) thanks
  2. Why Ultimaker do not write the print temp of their materials on the store page? PLA PLA FLEXIBLE ABS CPE Print temp? Bed temp? What glue to use on the bed? Thanks a lot
  3. hi, i have airwolf axiom 3d printer. due to security issue i want to print directly from my pc, using usb connection. can i do that safely with no problems? from what i heard, the print stops after a while. can i print with Ethernet connection? thenks.
  4. can i cancel inner wall in cura or remove it from the gcode?
  5. way? the um2 supose to be ready to work with 2 extruders
  6. If i want to remove my printer head and connect the dimond hotend. Can i do that? The um2 have connections for 2 extrudes. The fans can be connected to. Can i do that? And work with 2 materials?
  7. hi everyone. i want to buy this: i think i can print my own mounting bracket so it will fit to the my um2 i am allredy printed one so my stepper motor can be placed above the nozze and i print with it a lot !!! i prints all kind of materials. i think that i can print with that nozzle 2 materials, the um2 are ready for that, right ??!!! and, do you think i can print even with 3 ???? if not... maybe i can buy the rumba motherboard and place it on the um2? thanks, want to hear what you have to say
  8. and one more thing !!!!!! lease make the print area settings better !!!! my advice.... give me the option to move the print head to the place i want and tell the um2 to make it origin. so it will be the corner of the print area !!! and then i will tel the printer the size of the print area. just solve that problem please
  9. please do this !!!!! 1. i want to print the walls with no infill and no bottom !!! i know, there is such option, but it is no good if the print has no support !!! the infill is not good all the time for this. let's say i want only 5% infill. only to make the model a bit stronger. in addition to that, i want support "in the model" were the 5% infill is not going to support the model. so... please add "inside model support" option ! it will be so great, and save time. 2. let me turn on or off what i want to print inner wall, outer wall... thanks
  10. can i so some improvement to use 1.75mm filament? it get harder to find 3mm filament. thanks.
  11. When my um2 prints the outside and inside walls, ther is some space in them. Between the layers. i think my nozzle extrude less then 0.4mm thick. how canu solve this?
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